Saturday, 8 April 2017

I have great admire to anesthesiologist

Since i had surgery in 2009 which i had to go through general anesthesia, the experience was so amazing that i keep the memory so well. That time i had it via breathing.
I was so tired and in pain already i can't think much anymore. The surgery is also an emergency.
I remember i got asked so many times again and again, what is my name, what is my birthdate, etc.
Then the anesthesiologist came, she introduced herself but i can't hear her clearly because she was wearing surgery mask. I heard she said "Hi, my name is doctor xxxx and i am your anesthesiologist".

Then she prepared everything, she asked me to take a deep breath. In my mind, i was thinking that this is so surreal because i never had surgery before and all i knew is what i saw from movie scene. I wonder so much when i will get knocked out. The first deep breathe i took, i didn't feel anything... YET. At first i thought "meh.. so eventually it doesn't work that fast". Coz you know, in the movie when someone is going to be kidnapped, a person just need to put handkerchief in front of one's nose and the person knocked out in like 1 second, right ? So i was kinda expected it. LOL.

Then the second breathe, she said to me "Now you start to feel sleepy"... and omg indeed i am sleepy and kind of like flying feeling! WOW it works fast! Then the third breathe, my eyes starting to close down and DANG ! I knocked out! I didn't know anything anymore. I only remember i took 3 times of deep breathe and i cannot remember any any any anything until i woke up, i was already in the ward!

The experience was so amazing that i kind of want to feel it again! Crazy or not ? But that means i need to be sick again to experience it, so that sucks!

Then i need to give birth in 2013 by c-sect. But this is not general anesthesia. However, it was amazing as well. I was so so so so in great pain, i feel like downside wanna break and torn already i don't know lah. hahhahaha.. I cried so much so much. Then anesthesiologist came to give me the epidural behind. He asked me to bent down holding a cushion. Before this, i heard epidural is hurt, etc. But i felt nothing. I don't know hahaha. I am not scared of injection or needle because when i was sick previously on 2009, i really really give in all the way to all types of injection, medicine, etc i need to be given. Ok, back to epidural story, so after i get the injection, in less than a minute, all the pain i had is GONE! GONE like MAGIC! I was crying but after injection, i started to joke again and i can smile. I said to anesthesiologist, i heard people said epidural hurt so much. He asked me back, "it doesn't hurt, right ?"  I said, "yeah, i am surprised!"

Then at 2015 i got epidural again. I can expect it so this time is is not that wow for me anymore. But i remember to try find the epidural needle coz i wonder is it that big as what people said? HAHA.. I remember i saw the needle with a little blood of mine at the end of the needle, but i don't know is it big or not ? Not used to seeing needle so can't really remember. hahaha..

Then yesterday, i knew that i had to go through general anesthesia again. I was excited, WOW! I said to nurse, " wow, i had general anesthesia before and the experience is so wow" then i started to tell her the story. HAHAHA...
Then at the procedure room, i was told that the anesthesia will be given by IV Line. I was kinda sad because that means i can't experience the same general anesthesia like in 2009. But i wonder too about this because this is my first time experience general anesthesia via IV Line.

Then all prepared, the anesthesiologist came, introduced his name, he started to inject like sedactive medicine. I can feel the fluid go through from fingers area to arm. It was tingling. Then he injected the medicine, i said to him "maybe this is what people feel when they are using drugs ? It kinda feels good" i smiled. Then i knew nothing. I woke up and found that all is done. I can't remember any any thing.

I admire anesthesiologist, i think they are very important person in the surgical team. But they are the person behind the curtain. They are not the main faces. But they are equally super important. I have much respect to them <3

This post is so random, right ? hahaha. But i just want to note down that i admire anesthesiologist <3

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