Saturday, 22 October 2016

Why i'd love to get a SEIKO watch

Firstly, yesterday i read this particular Timothy Tiah's blog entry about SEIKO watch.

Although i am not a watch person, but i was interested to read the blog entry because hey, SEIKO is a very great name and very old brand already in watch industry. My house's clock has always been SEIKO and i cannot remember when is the last time we changed clock because seems we never changed! Coz the clock seems never broken!

When i started working, the office where i worked is also using SEIKO. One day, it fell down from the wall - because of earthquake or what, cannot recall. The glass broke but the clock movement is not broken! So we kept using the clock without glass.

Then, when i got married and i am going to purchase a clock for the very first time - for sure i chose SEIKO. I didn't even see others because all my life i already heard from the older generation that SEIKO is the best. I love how SEIKO clock is so reliable and long lasting. The model is pleasing to eyes and this one i got is the silent 2nd hand type. Because my husband is so sensitive , he does not like the tick tock sound of clock. This clock has serves me 4 years and counting.

One day, i need to buy a desk clock. No prize for guessing - Yes, it is SEIKO again.
This SEIKO desk clock has serves me 2 years and counting.

So, what makes me would love to get a SEIKO watch ? For my husband.

My husband is not that fashionable person and he use the same thing almost everyday.
He likes to buy great quality stuff though. He said better have a great stuff but long lasting rather than having so much stuff but all only for a short term. He was using the same watch for around 10 years already until.... today! He lost his watch yesterday afternoon.

So he was using TAG watch which Timothy also had! Exactly same type ! My husband got it from his mom as gift long time ago. Yesterday, he was eating at a restaurant at a village ( on business trip ), he took it off before eating and forgot to wear it again as he quickly went to cashier to pay for his companion. He forgot about it until this morning!!! WTF! I made many calls to the restaurant but they said the watch is not there.
We rescheduled the flight back and my husband took a 5 hours round trip ( city - village - city ) to go back to the restaurant trying to find it but they said they didn't see the watch.

I am sad because that is the only watch my husband had. He is a businessman and a businessman without a watch is incomplete. Simply with a watch, we can change our overall appearance. Wearing only a T-shirt and a shorts but with a nice watch ? It upgrades your look many times.
A businessman need to look representable because if you look not nice, who will trust you and buy from you ? Who will believe that the products you are selling is great if yourself does not look good.

But, buying another luxury watch currently is not our option / priority. We are in the middle of buying our first apartment ( we are renting all this time ) and we just withdraw almost all of our saving for down payment.

That's why i am thinking to get my husband a new watch - a nice one, reliable one, great name, can boost the confidence of the wearer  - BUT not too expensive one. And SEIKO name get inside my head. So coincidence Timothy is having this giveaway as well. I might as well give it a shot!

The model of this SEIKO Premier Collection Model SSA319J1 very nice, simple, suitable for young to middle aged man ( in my opinion ) and what i love more about this watch :
1. See the hand is in a very pleasing BLUE colour
2. It is automatic ( great for everyday watch! )
3. Can see through case back ( don't you love to see the movement of a watch ? I LOVE ! )

4. Sapphire Crystal Glass! Super important because with Sapphire Crystal Glass, the glass become scratch resistant therefore your watch will always look new! If you own one, you will understand. Using for 10 years also will look like new because the glass will always stay clear.

5. Japan movement. The most reliable movement for watch in this world is Swiss and Japan one.

6. The pattern in the center of the dial is also a plus, as it gives the watch more detail but keep the watch look simple.

7. It is good as a dress watch as well! Who says that only leather bracelet watch is good for dress watch ? Don't believe me ? See Wang Lee Hom in this video, wearing suit and looks super sleek and good looking wearing this SEIKO Premier Collection Model SSA319J1 watch :

8. Value for money !  With the same features which other luxury watch might cost more than USD 2,000 - the price of this SEIKO Premier Collection Model SSA319J1 watch is very very good that i myself was surprised when i googled it.

As this post is dedicated for Timothy's giveaway post, so i will leave you all with SEIKO Malaysia's contact!
Find out more and i believe you will also thing it is very value for money, call 03-2141 5163.
Or visit SEIKO Malaysia's Facebook page and website.

Thank you for reading !

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  1. Beware of buying a watch on They sell grey goods, the watchmakers warranty is void and the watchmaker can not assure you when buying from them that the watch is new or genuine. The website while pretending to be owbn by, Inc is actually owned by Tranik Enterprises, Inc. In 2005 They specifically filed to change their legal name from, Inc to Tranik Enterprises, Inc.

    Here is a question you need to ask yourself: What valid reason could a business have for changing their legal name to something entirely different and then continue to use their old business name, and not list their legal name anywhere on the website, documents, or anywhere, anyone can find it.

    Before buying checkout and read the complaints on the better business bureau:

    Read about the guy who thought he was buying a new Rolex watch but it came missing all stickers and AW refused to take it back.

    Here is AW’s response “Client claims to have received timepiece in a condition other than what was advertised. At no point in time was the timepiece advertised as "new" nor "brand new". At no point in time was the timepiece advertised to come with factory stickers.”

    There are many more horror stories on the BBB and other site. Just spend a few minutes searching before you buy. Buyer beware!