Friday, 8 August 2014


Don't have any idea for the title so i just typed in the title of song which i am listening to now.

It is one of my favourite songs all the time.

A few days ago i just paid for the domain for this blog. Haha.. Such a sad blog. No update one.

I wonder why i don't take more pictures like i used to do when i was active in xanga. Even at that time, no picture also can post. I treated the blog really like a journal.

I'd love to do that but as i already promised myself so many times to write more, i keep on failing. Haha.. I don't have much confidence to write lah..

1. I don't have interesting topic to write. You see, i stay at home like 95% all the time, my story is maybe about what my son eat today. Although i am really fond of other babies such as the super adorable Fighter Tiah and Dash Dash, but i am not that interested to write about my son. hahaha.. I'd love to write more about me :P but there is almost no me already T_T

2. I am a super lazy ass. I am not in shape everyday. I miss myself.

3. etc hahaha.. lazy to say out many negative things

Now let's start to talk about happy things! hahaha..

So, i went to Bali ! I love Bali. It has this magical charm which is so beautiful. This is the 1st trip with my son using airplane! I was so worried but luckily he is okay! He didn't cry at all! Although he cannot stop touching here and there, he didn't cry. Thank you, son. hahaha..

Since i already have a son, it is hard for me to do what i wish to do. So i asked my husband to plan everything (choose the area to stay, etc). As my husband who is more a mountain person rather than beach. Also he is more fond of quiet place rather than crowded place. We ended up spending our holiday in : Seminyak (this is because we got free villa to stay, not because my husband want to), Ubud, Kintamani, and Nusa Dua.

And as some of you who might know or guess, those places are not really the places i love. HAHAHA... Though Kintamani quite have a place in my heart. Basically, every places which got my heart when i first visited Bali in 2009 if i am not mistaken, still and always got place in my heart.

By the way, since i cannot access my xanga blog anymore, but thankfully they still keep the copy of my blog and i can export it to wordpress. I exported it to wordpress here:
Though my blog has nothing to be proud of - i was and always is a silly girl, but i sometimes still re-read my old entries. hehe.

That time i also visited Kintamani, i still remember i was so in loveeeeee with the view.. despite i am not a mountain person. It is indeed like a painting. It was so so so beautiful and i took many pictures of the view to combine it later and make panorama of them.

This time, as we spend a night there, i got chance to see more of Kintamani.. It is so beautiful, it reminds me of Lake Toba. I remember when i went to Tongging with my family. Oh my.. the view in Tongging is so beautiful, so so so beautiful... I think Tongging has one of the best views i have ever seen in my life.

Husband and my son at Kintamani viewing the lake.
This place reminds me of Tongging in North Sumatera viewing Lake Toba.

So, apparently this Kintamani also got this area which reminds me of the savannah at Bromo mountain. That place also got my heart in 2009. I felt like didn't want to go home at that savannah.

Husband and my son at Kintamani - the place which reminds me of savannah at Bromo mountain

I don't have many pictures of my trip because... my hands are always full. hahaha.. full of taking care of baby. Also i really got lost interest of taking photos for a long time since i became uglier. Before i became uglier, in my bag ALWAYS got camera. i ALWAYS bring my pocket camera to everywhere.

Hopefully one day (SOON!) i gain back my confidence and become pretty again before i lost my charm forever which i hope it will never happen. CHOI CHOI. HAHAHAHA..

Ending this post with a pic of three of us! Me without any make up. Even can see the stitch i have on the forehead hahaha... Though no make up, i still have beautiful smile. HAHAHAHA.. Self praise always! Noone praise me but me myself moi! hahaha..

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