Thursday, 20 June 2013

Our trip to Bali 2012

This morning i suddenly wanted to post about our short trip to Bali last year.
It's for our honeymoon. Bali always has a part in my heart because one of the things i wanted to do before i die, i did it in Bali - which is surfing ! I never really make a list of things i wanted to do before i die, but there are some things which has been always in my mind that one day i want to try them. All of this time, i always had crushes with surfer, either the surfer is a man (from random tanned Japanese with facial hair one to random maybe Italian guy with shoulder hair length one) or just random woman. LOL.

Though i did promise to do surfing again the next time i visit a beach for surfing, but i didn't keep my promise LOL. I think somehow i have lost some of my adventurous feeling (or dare) as i grew older T_T (bungee jumping was one of my to do things before i die but now i don't think i can do it LOLLL)

So, this honeymoon trip is the 2nd time i went to Bali!
Actually, this trip we don't go around much because we didn't plan where to go.
We stayed for 3 nights in Bali. 1st night in Ubud area, and the rest in Nusa Dua area. (My husband chose it since he has been to Bali for a few times and he likes those both area).

In Ubud area, we stayed in a great resort called Komaneka.
I love our spacious room!

I love how they care for the details like providing insect repellent

And i love how they also provide mouthwash

Want to use bath tub or shower? You choose.

And this is the view from our room !

We didn't have chance to explore the resort too much because we arrived at the resort at late afternoon. And the next day, it was raining T___T But the breakfast is awesome (forgot to take picture) and i love how the staffs are all so polite and nice to us. They always remember our name. And when we asked them for food recommendation outside, they also give us opinions. So overall, i think our stay there for a night is really not enough. Next time when got chance to come here again, better stay for more nights.

So at our first night in Ubud, we went outside for dinner. The place is called "Melting Wok".
We love love love the foods so much. It is very unique and delicious. And the price is affordable (very price wise). I think it is Indonesian foods but with a twist ? So unique! And the owner and staffs are very nice. My husband also really love the foods here.

The next day, we checked out and moved to Nusa Dua area.
I cannot remember why but i didn't take pictures much T___T

We stayed for 2 nights in Nikko Hotel. The private beach is very nice and clean, the water is very blue and clear. So pretty. I wonder why i didn't take my camera with me so i don't have the pictures ( i think because no one will take care of our belongings so i prefer to leave my camera inside the hotel room ).

As a person who has never stayed in a private beach like so, it was something which i don't expect of. I thought there will be people who do surfing (so i can have more crushes LOL), etc. But.. it is a private beach, it's like only two of us and some other people only. I don't know what to do, really. LOL.. If you like to enjoy the beach privately, this is the place for you.

At night we just stayed in the hotel and had buffet there while seeing people performing traditional dances.

The next day, we went around Kuta area for a while upon my request (my husband don't like Kuta area because it is crowded - he doesn't like crowded place). I myself love Kuta because i did my 1st time surfing there! Of course it has a place in my heart LOL.. So, after that we went to Seminyak area.

We played at the beach first and then before sunset time, we entered this restaurant called Breeze which is located at The Samaya Villas, Seminyak. It is a good place to watch sunset, so remember to come before sunset time!

Sunset pic with human object seems cool, so i randomly took a pic when i saw people passed by.
Then i showed it to my husband.
He said "But these 2 are both men!" LOL.. so it is not a romantic pic. hahaha. 

Some of the foods we had. I didn't take pictures of all the foods because when the sky turned dark, my camera can't take good pictures anymore ( i don't really like to use flash ). But i remember everything is delicious. And the waiter who served us is really nice. He asked us about how is the food, etc.

Ok, that's all and see you next time, Bali!

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