Thursday, 14 March 2013

How it feels to be married

So, after i didn't write anything for last few months and i think this blog is like dead space already, today i am willing to write. LOL.

The title is same with Timothy Tiah's post because i suddenly want to write about the difference i feel after i got married and i like Timothy's post because his post is honest. And i also want to write honestly coz honesty is the best policy after all (my principal).

How it feels to be married?

Firstly, because i have been working together with my husband before we got married, everything feel almost the same. I met him everyday, etc. The difference maybe is because we don't have to be apart from each other anymore at the end of the day. He don't need to drop me at home anymore coz now we live at the same house.

Regarding the house chores, since i am not a very dillligent person so yeah i clean the house everytime i want only.. LOL. (we have no maid). Luckily my husband don't have any OCD so he is okay with a little bit messy house hahahaha ( i am not very messy lah coz i have a bit OCD ). But i just don't really care too much regarding stuff i don't like/not interested with.

But, the most significance different feeling i have after i got married is about my own selfishness/ego stuff:

- Same like Timothy, i also miss the excitement of being single. The feeling is just so nice if we know/guess that maybe we have person/people who like/care/adore/admire us. Same like how i really like to like/care/adore/admire other people ! I still do admire a lot of people! The feeling of being liked by other(s) is just so lovely, because we know that we are valuable/loveable/adorable/cute/etc. And of course it boosts your confidence a lot! (this is why i always give sign or say directly to the people i adore that they are special or that i adore them, i never praise for lip service only ok! i praise coz i really like and i hope it will give you more confidence and do better everytime <3)

- Still related to above point, i am sad how i am no longer as beautiful/attractive/etc as other unmarried girls are. I know i will always stay attractive with my own way lah! (i am confident with this. LOL) but the difference is, for example now if you see a photo of an unmarried person that you like/adore/admire/care. Even though the person has boyfriend/girlfriend already, but you can have the feeling of something around "what will it be if i am with him/her" or "i really like this person" or etc. I think it is like "wanting". So if someone is still unmarried, people will still want him/her. But now since i am married, i am no longer wanted anymore HUHUHUHUHU T____________T Married person is out of the marketplace! LOL

- So still related to all the points above, now when i see people who i admire and still unmarried, i somehow envy them! LOLLLL

Ok, but though those points above seems like marriage only do good to me, but actually there are many things which is nice too. It is just the "nice" feeling is not like "nice of being single" feeling anymore. It is so different so it cannot be compared together. It is just so much more complex and you are like going to the next step of the life game and the purpose of your life changed.

- How i started to be more concern about health. Coz i see my husband working so hardly and he already used up so much energy at workplace. The important thing i want is good health of him. Not that i love to do sports, but i have much more control now not to eat/cook/crave for instant noodles, fast food, etc so he will not eat it too.

- How working does seem really more challenging than before since the expense now and future is more complex than ever before.

- And other life problems (but not problems like jealousy and other similar "childish" stuff). But the thing is, the more i think of it, problems are not really the obstacles of marriage life. I see that problems are things which actually make a couple become closer coz we really need to solve it because we need to survive this life.

- Basically, i am also grateful because i am married to the right person who i can live the life with. And i love how we are still the same like before coz we are already true to each other from the beginning. No bad habits which i can't accept, we still like before we are married, giving each other personal time too, etc. I also love how we can still constantly adore each other (don't know about him lah, but i still have constant adoration to him). *i believe i am always adorable too. LOL. i have bubbly personality!* I am lucky coz actually we both are really considerate to each other lah. hehe.

Yeah, so i think that is how it feels to be married.

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