Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Iris is my wedding song

O oh.... i neglected this blog again!

So, regarding my post about Wedding Song a few months ago, until like a week before my wedding day, i haven't got any Wedding Song. First, simply because i don't have much expectation regarding my wedding reception.

We had a small wedding reception and my family only invite close relatives only. And from the first time when we prepared for our wedding, my wishes are only: wedding dress & photography. I wanted to wear a wedding dress that i like (and yes, i got to wear what i love! a simple tulle gown!), and i wanted a good photography service as after the wedding party is over, the only memorable thing i can get is photos&videos. And yes, we are lucky we got a good photo & video service!

I think i am lucky, because like other things which i don't like "i must get this, the colour of the flower must be this, etc etc", i got things that are very suitable to my liking!

And regarding the wedding song, because i thought that the majority will be from my husband's side, i cannot choose the song. But thankfully my husband still asked me to choose the wedding song because he doesn't have any preference. Some people recommends some songs to me. But at the end, i simply want a song which i love really really much, a song which i love years ago and until today i still love and i am sure until the next 10, 20, 30, and so on years i will still always love.

I always love the 90s songs and i wanted to choose a song from that era. And at last, i found it.

It is Goo Goo Dolls - Iris.

I love the music very much and everytime when i heard the intro only, my heart already melts.

Some people said that the lyric is not very suitable for a wedding song, but... i don't know. Coz some people said that it is suitable too. Anyway, i love the music so..

And i suddenly remember that long time ago, i have ever thought that i wanted this song to become my wedding song. And i forgot about it. But luckily, it came back to my mind at the right time!

So overall, i am really happy with my simple wedding.

Only one thing i am quite missed. Is because i was so busy, i didn't spend much time with my cousins, especially cousins from Medan. I really love them and we didn't interact much huhu.... Viona, Vanessa, and Vanya....  miss you...

Because i haven't had chance to get my photo files from the photographers, so here a few pictures that people took for me.

With my friends who came to the Holy Matrimony

I love the colours of the baloon! The organizer is really good, they chose the colour for us.

With my husband's side

With my brother and sister

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