Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Visiting hasukjib ajumma and ajossi

@시청 City Hall

Went to Korea for the 2nd time! It is Autumn again! Memories of last year kept on flashing back inside my mind.

Though i have so much things i wanted to do in Korea, but this time the main purpose i went there is not for travelling. But i enjoyed the trip so much too!

I got a day where i have free time to visit hasukjib's ajumma and ajossi. I went there without calling them first because i want to surprise them. Actually a part of me really wanted to call them first, because i wanted to eat ajumma's kimchi jjigae! Her kimchi jjigae is the best kimchi jjigae i have ever tried. Ended up i went there without calling them, they were so surprised. Ajumma kept on telling me to stay for dinner but i can't because i was going to meet my friends for dinner. But, still i was hoping to taste kimchi jjigae, so i asked ajumma what did she cook that day. Ajumma always cooked in a huge pot, so the soup portion is for a few times of meal. She said she cooked beansprout soup XD
She asked me back why did i ask and do i want some. If it was kimchi jjigae, i will surely shout "I WANT 2 BOWLS PLEASE" lol.

Our mom in Korea -- hasukjib ajumma 하숙집 아줌마

Ajossi at that day was so busy and didn't have time to talk with me much. He was busy with his friends - his friends came to the house and all of them together were collecting the 감 from a tree he had in front of entrance.

Picture Source

with ajossi and ajumma

i walked through this place everyday when i went to school at the morning

So, i left and went to meet my friends for dinner.
I want to sleep now so i will continue next time :P

I will leave you all with a picture of me sipping banana milk 바나나 우유 happily. It is my favourite milk and i used to drink it almost everyday when i was staying there. So the moment i stepped on Incheon Airport, i saw a convenience store and the first thing i bought was banana milk. hehe.. KRW1,200 is the price - still same like last year.

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