Wednesday, 22 August 2012

my bestfriends

I am a person who doesn't have many friends around.
But, i had not only one best friend, but i have bunch! <3 I am so grateful that the few friends i have are very best friends.

<chronological order>

I have bestfriends who has gone through the times with me when i was still living in hometown.
Primary school, junior high school, senior high school. All those memorable times we had. Experienced a lot with them. From we were still very childish until today, having them is a gift. Until today we still keep contact with each other, though not often but we have our knot for each other. They are my bestfriends!

And then, i lived in this city where i took my undergraduate study. Those times i spent with my bestfriends and we are still meeting each other quite often (at least contacting each other by phone often :P). So grateful to have them. They are my bestfriends!

I hang out with friends a lot before. Now, rarely. But still, when i had time, i really like to go out with friends once in a while. Meeting friends lifting up my mood a lot. From a very small group to a big group, not everytime everyone can come but we always have a good time together. They are like a knight, don't see them everytime but they are there! They are my bestfriends!

Lastly but not least, unlike other friends with whom i spent a long time or years with. I spent time with them only like a few months.. But we spent time together like almost everyday because we are all living abroad, a very strong connection and feeling towards them grew deeply on me. They are precious to me! They are my bestfriends!

Love you all!

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