Monday, 6 August 2012

I am not a fan of flowers

but.... this time i take lotsss of pictures of a flower =.='

My grandma is a big fan of flowers and plants such as bonsai and else, but i don't share her love for flowers. But i do love grass and sometimes i quite like to see flowers. I haven't been so amazed by flowers.. maybe later when i see sakura i will. I remember one time i was walking with my friend and we passed a pool with lotus flowers on it. She suddenly said that the flowers are so beautiful. I was like "heh?" in my heart coz i don't care that much about flowers :P

But... this time, i was like crazy taking lots of pictures of a flower. The exactly same flower bouquet. Actually, it is not the flower which i am crazy about. But it is the wrapping. LOL!!

It was at the NTU Convocation 2012 day, my brother graduated. We attended ceremony 18.
Before we attended the ceremony, we saw many people around bringing bouquets of flowers. The bouquets are sooo beautiful. I really like it so much. I told my mom if i see any seller, i want to buy one. And so i saw one. Hua.. i had nice time picking up which one i want to buy. Every bouquet is so cute. The wrapping is so nice. So cute, loveable, adorable. LOL... So i bought one with the colourful wrapping. At first i chose it because it has green colour wrapping paper. And then, i feel that the combination of the colours are just so cute.

So.. here are the pictures of the bouquet and some pics of convocation so you won't bored of the same bouquet pictures :P

The bouquet. Took a pic of it soon after i bought it.

Inside the auditorium, still busy taking pic of bouquet.

Listened to a great speech by Bridgette See. I immediately become a fan!

My brother
I want to hold the bouquet!

And then we moved to other room where people can have some foods, but what i did is taking pic of bouquet.
Walking and still taking pic

I think my bro at back was thinking : crazy sis

Bouquet looks so nice , right?!

Ok this is the last pic of bouquet. I love this pic loh.
The bag also look so nice even though it is an inspired bag only. Not real Chanel :P
Their jingle(?) is so cute. I think it is something like this if i am not mistaken:
"Who are who are who are we?? We are we are Wee Kim Wee!! Wee Kim Wee!! Wee Kim Wee!! "

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