Monday, 27 August 2012

Goodbye, my dear friend

I was thinking that i want to start blogging about the people i adore - people i really met in life.
But, i don't expect that i will start blogging but starting with a sad news.

She is a friend i met in university, my senior. Our year difference is only 1 year.
She is a very adorable lady - she is beautiful, very smart, active, cheerful, and friendly.
I have always been one of her fans ( oh yes, she has a lot of fans! we love a girl like her! )

Though i don't really know her truly, i secretly admiring her. When i had chance to talk with her, i was so happy. She is genuinely a very lovely girl. It was 2006 when we joined orientation team for new students. She asked us who was sitting near her at that time to take picture together. I am lucky to have these photos with her. It is her too who gave me knowledge that a dog must not eat chocolate because at that time i was eating chocolate bread and a dog came near me. I was scared so i gave the bread to the dog. She touched the dog, pet the dog, and with a soft voice told me that dog must not be given chocolate.

And after she graduated, i admire her through cyber world - facebook and stuff.

Seeing her getting married, i am so happy as well and i replayed her wedding video many times. I have ever post her wedding video too before because i love the video so much and love the background song as well. The video is so sweet and i teared. Now i believe i will tear even more when i replay it.

Now she already rest in peace.

She is indeed a very lovely girl. It is very hard to accept that she is not here anymore.
But, she leave sweet memories for all of us.

She, made we wake up tonight. Seeing her old tweets, how she is very dilligent, how she is struggling to always feeling grateful everytime - has made me realized more about life.

I miss you, Mercy. Rest in peace...

Photo Courtesy
She is an angel .

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  1. I didn't know you know her. Her husband's close friend with my aunt. It's so sad. May they rest in peace :/