Sunday, 19 August 2012

Gil Ofarim, i still love you!

Gil Ofarim is a musician whose songs i really love to listen when i was a teenager. I was still a primary school student when i first know about Gil.

Like my love to other 90s songs, my love to Gil's songs is .. forever <3
As all of you - who know me - know, my favourite band was and is The Moffatts.
As i love The Moffatts, i also really love Gil. They have the charm which made me fell in love :D

I remember when Gil collaborate with The Moffats at the "If You Only Knew" song, i borrow the cassette from my friend and i replayed it like million times. It was a cassette, so to prevent ruining the cassette, i didn't pressed "rew" button. So i listened to the song, and then turn the cassette to other side. Listen, and turn the cassette back to replay "If You Only Knew". LOL!! But at the end, when i returned the cassette to my friend, she said that the cassette is broken at "If You Only Knew" song! LOLLLL....

Gil's voice is unique and nice to listen. Don't know about his voice now, does it change or not. He is still a musician until today.. A band called Acht.
I also love his style, with his long hair. hahaha.. And until today when i see his "Out of My Bed" music video, i still have a crush ! <3

If i suddenly remember about 90s songs and i can found the music video at youtube, it really lifting up my mood when i am listening to the songs.

Like now, listening to Gil's songs make me feel really happy.

"Round and Round" is also one of my favourites. I really like the music at the bridge part. (I almost everytime love the bridge part of most songs). Sometimes i listened carefully to the part which is played by Gil, sometimes i listened carefully to the part which is played by Gil's partner. Both are very enjoyable.

I Love Gil!

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