Wednesday, 18 July 2012

ok, now i blog

So, someone has been saying to me that he has been visiting my blog like for 1 month and no update. LOL!
My defence is i don't blog because i don't have anything special to write. Life everyday is work and then go home, work and then go home.

But... actually sometimes there IS special event! It's just maybe i was lazy to blog? Long time ago, even a cup of dragonfruit juice can made me write a blogpost. wtf.

Actually, 2 weeks ago i had prewedding photoshoot! I use a bridal called "Kaneta Wedding Boutique". It is quite new bridal. Maybe it's fate. Because when i went to Wedding Expo, i only went to 1 bridal at the first day and it's Kaneta! And fortunately the location is near my area! And the most fortunate for me is the wedding dress i like is there! Not exactly the same but 80% similar! My marketing lady is Seliana (and Ci Lucy - her sister). Both of them are so nice.

The package i took from the bridal is including prewedding photoshoot. The photography team is called  "Cliquez Photography" with Ko Adi and his assistant. We had indoor photoshoot at Kaneta studio and outdoor photoshoot at Ancol. Ko Adi and his assistant are very helpful. We're not too good at posing, so Ko Adi helped us a lot to pose.

At the first time, we thought maybe it's nice to take pictures at Cathedral Church. But cannot because none of us is Catholic (people said that not everyone can take pictures there). Then, we wanted to take pictures at Kota Tua / Old Town, but our Ko Adi suggested us not to take picture there because both of our face are oriental and not really suitable with Kota Tua's background. Besides, taking picture at Kota Tua is better if we can pose like a cool model (no smile, no grin), but we cannot. So we did at Ancol as his suggestion.

At first, i thought maybe outdoor photoshoot might be more fun, but at the end i prefer to have indoor photoshoot. hehe.. That is because when i did outdoor photoshoot, i think it's hard to maintain our hair neat, etc. But luckily the make up artist (Ci Dwi) went along with us during our outdoor photoshoot. So she took care of my hair and appearance that time.

So, long story short.. here are some sneak peak of the photoshoot.. Photos below are taken by my fiancee's (LOLLLLL this term sounds very er... :P) mom using i-phone. She accompanied us that whole day.

*No sneak peak for my wedding dress! hehe. it's a simple one anyway :)

I love this one so much. Because the gown fits beautifully :D And the colour combination is just nice.

This is a classical setting at the studio. Nice one.
But true, it is so hard for both of us to take picture without smile or grin.
Luckily we didn't insist to choose to take picture at Kota.
I super super love this gown!!! The colour and the layering is just sooooo gorgeous!

Another pic because i love this gown so much!
Picnic style photo at Ancol! :D

And last, we wanted to take pic when sunset.
But that day, the cloud covers the sun, so cannot get sunset pic.

People said, it's a hard and busy time preparing wedding details. And also tiring.
Well, yes it is busy time but sometimes only. It's not hard at all and not that tiring. Besides, i think it's very fun! :D


  1. Didn't know you were getting married, dear. Congratulations!!! Super lovely bride to be :)

  2. Thank you so much, Steffi!!
    I want to see you when you become a bride too :D