Friday, 29 June 2012

the secret

okay, it's been a long time i didn't update my blog! this blog is like a dead blog leh! don't know why i didn't write much.

I have ever heard about The Secret book and movie from years ago but i never really pay any attention about it. Until Xiaxue wrote about it. I am interested more than ever! Before i somehow learn a very little bit of it, and i have ever practicing it before as well but i didn't realize it. And i know about Law of Attraction when oppa told me that like attract like, he also lent me a book about it but i haven't read it until now. LOL! how come my love for reading books somehow has gone. hahahhaa...

When i was a kid, at my sister's ballet gathering something i cannot remember well. There was a grand prize which is a TV. At that time, i kept saying to my sister that the TV will be ours. I kept saying it several times and at the end... we won the lucky draw and brought home the TV!

Then, when i was junior high school, at that time i got the rank #9 and my id number in class is #16, then don't know why i had a lot of experience with the number #9 and #16 that time. And i made myself think "hmm.. i think this is a sign, i think my rank will go up this time". I kept thinking so, and i got more experience with #9 and #16 and that grows my sureness more. At the end, i got the rank #5.

There are a lot more experiences regarding The Secret or Law of Attraction actually. But i just never realized it. I never realized that actually it's me myself who attracts a condition. Until Oppa told me a little bit about Law of Attraction and Xiaxue wrote about it. Thanks to them!

Even, i think i was applying Law of Attraction to attract oppa. LOLLLLLLL...

Anyway, now i also want to always keep applying The Secret in my life. :P

Today i was reading Cheesie's blog. And she's playing a game which she flip through her photos and then find something which she is thankful for until she feel very thankful in general.

I want to play as well!
Actually there are some photos i took but i didn't post in on blog. So now is a chance!

2012년 05월 13일
I always wish that i will get married by age 25. This is because there is an auntie who i really love and she got married at age 25. I wanted to be like her!
I am grateful that what i always wish will become true!


Oppa is really really exactly a person i wish to have! No talk too much, but can talk well with people, can decide something for me, and more! I think i don't have any complain! :P
I think both of us are so suitable. kkkk.. i think he does really came out from a drama for me. Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince drama! LOLL


I wore beautiful hanbok-s. This is one of them.
The hanbok itself is soooo beautiful, the material, the details, everything is so amazing.


And i am also so so lucky coz oppa's parents and family are very kind hearted people.
Very chinchai like my own parents also. Major love!


Our GSD suddenly don't know why, he learned how to give his hand to us!
I was so happy and shocked! First, all of this time he only can do "sit" "drop" and "up" command.
But suddenly, he knows how to do "hand" command! And sometimes i even tried to teach him "high five" and he seems is learning it! Our GSD is really really cute!


When i was asked "if you were going into a forest and you can only bring one animal with you. Which animal will you choose and why?"
My answer is dog and because dog can protect me.
Here is our GSD, a dog and a loyal protector with a very good temperament. Super love him. He will become 1 year old this July!


Basically, i am sooooo lucky.
I have everything i want to have and experience thing i want to experience.

I tried a wedding dress at a time and i fell in love with it. It is exactly like what i wish for a wedding dress! But it's so expensive... Then at that night, i was thinking "i really want to wear that dress, but it is too expensive and unreasonable to spend amount of money for a dress to wear less than 24 hours. Hmm.. okay i can find other beautiful one with cheaper price, as long as it is beautiful than i will be okay. But if can, i really want to wear that dress." And then... a few days later when i visited wedding expo, i went to a bridal - the only bridal i went at that time - and wow!!! the almost same dress (80% similar) is available and with much much cheaper price! Cheaper more than 50%!! Yipee, thank you to the universe.

And lots more! Thank you thank you.

I saw from Qiuqiu's instagram, she print out magic cheque from The Secret. So i also did print, and i wrote a very decent amount. LOLLL.. I wrote USD 100,000,000. hahhaha...
It is for business capital lah! hahhahahha :P I am waiting for the Bank of Universe to process that money. LOL.

Okay, that's all for this time!

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