Saturday, 2 June 2012

random photos

Random photos!

#1 Our cute GSD! He is super cute actually. When we touch him, he likes to lie down like a baby.

#2 Adorable GSD

#3 At my old blog, i put a lot photos of Chelsea - a very cute cousin. She grew up already, and still so cute and very adorable.

#4 A quite nice pic of me. LOL

#5 Another quite nice pic of me . hahahhaha

#6 One of the happiest moments is when we can go out with our GSD and the weather is nice! Not hot but still bright! Really wish there're more green area here.

#7 Our GSD has very good temperament. Major love!

#8 Foodstival event at Pluit Village. FlipFlop is there!

#9 My favorite menu from FlipFlop is Takoyaki!

#10 They have Takoyaki, Taiyaki, Okonomiyaki, and Yakisoba.

#11 Still at Foodstival Pluit Village. With the owner of TOKEN who is a friend of mine. Tried their Curry Seaweed Crispy Chicken and Crispy Mushroom ;)

#12 June is one of the months when many people that i know are having their birthdays. I saw this very beautiful gift wrapping paper yesterday, i think the most beautiful one i have ever see until today. Sadly it is the last one in the store. I really wanted to buy more like 20 sheets. So, i only bought the last one and i wrapped 3 gifts with it.

#13 Another one

#14 Another one. So beautiful indeed! Hopefully there are more gift wrapping paper like this. Usually the gift wrapping papers i saw is like whole paper only repeating the same pattern, from top to bottom, from left to right, repeat. But this one, from top to bottom is different. So the ribbon pattern, the stripes is available only at a side. The lace pattern at this side is different from other side as well.

#15 And last, here's a music video of Maddi Jane's first original song (not cover). Love Maddi Jane's voice!

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