Thursday, 17 May 2012

It's time already!

Regarding the previous blog post, surprisingly it doesn't matter to me anymore! Somehow i am really happy that i am a person with blood type B (if blood type does really matter to someone's basic character). I can cry easily but i can smile easily as well! I am easy to be pleased, basically i am an optimistic person, happy, and CUTE! hahahahaha!!! the last one doesn't do any difference lah actually :P

Okay, so.. how do i get rid of that envious feeling?
first, i tried not to see (though sometimes i still try to see but i cannot coz i delete the facebook in order to not seeing). So, don't see much, don't think much, and move on!

second, it is not my path of life. The path has been chosen! :D

and that's all! All the envious gone like the wind! And after rain, here comes the rainbow!

I feel grateful! for a lot of random stuff!
one of the most simple stuff (and maybe laughable to some of you because my thinking is so er..) which i am grateful of is because how i often think how lucky those some of my friends (girls) who studied abroad and got their life mate there (mostly have quite a nice life one), came back for good, get married, and become a thau ke so or work helping their life mate's business.
And and and... to think of it.... i took my bachelor degree here (though i did study Korean language abroad for a while later), but hey my life mate is someone who did study abroad and i am working with him! LOLLL... it's actually like those people's life which i said lucky, but mine is like shortcut! (though of course i'd prefer to go study abroad lah hahahha)

I am uplifting my mood!
At previous blog post, i wrote that i am not enjoying what i do. But hey, i am not that not-enjoying-it anymore! This is because several conditions which connected to each others:

- i got into angry mood, and i shot so many bullets (metaphorically)
- i saw some stuff which makes me both feel funny and also somehow uplifting my mood (surprisingly didn't cause any envious, instead causing i unintentionally applied law of attraction)
- some bullets i shot did well and made me happy!

And yesterday when i was reading Xiaxue's formspring, i read her answers talking about The Secret.
I was like shocked and realized "it's been quite a time i forgot about law of attraction!" (I never read book about it nor The Secret, but... i experienced it already several times since i was in junior high school! At that time, i kept on thinking that i think my rank will go up, and it did! And regarding my love story also, i did thinking that i might can be with him since the first time we met!)

I was like thinking that i am not enjoying work, therefore i feel so! Time's a wastin.
But now, not anymore! It's time already! It's our time! Time for the root to become stronger! (applying law of attraction :P)

So, yeah! It's time already! I saw the future already ! Here comes the rainbow!

PS. Do you have any blog recommendation for me to read? Please i need more source for reading, lately i don't know what should i read. So if you have any, please share :P (But not fashion blog please). I love blog like Xiaxue's (realistic, honest, regarding daily life, and i love her thoughts especially some thoughts which i think is deconstruction - very nice to see from a different point of view)

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