Monday, 21 May 2012


I changed my blog's appearance.. :D
How's my header? The header is from the pic i took when i went to Busan. I love Busan very much. I myself also don't really understand why i love Busan very much when i went there for only for 2 days 1 night. So, i was just guessing why i do love Busan:

- i really love beach
- i loveeeee the food i ate there (sashimi)
- err... seems like only those reasons! LOL.. oh.. and i went there with oppa!

Busan, i really enjoy the moment i went there.
Okay, basically today i don't have anything to blog about.
I just want to blog :D

I actually really really love blogging. But i don't know why i don't blog as much as i do when my blog was still in xanga. Before i also took picture a lot a lot for blog, but don't know why i don't take much picture anymore?

err.. actually i know why.

One of the reasons i am lazy to take picture (especially picture of me) is because i am not photogenic. From 10 attempts to take a nice picture of me, maybe only 1 is quite okay. Hahaha... therefore i am lazy... But, deep in my heart, actually i love to take picture.. wtf. I love to take picture because time cannot go back, right. My face will be different later. Now is still quite cute hahahaha.. Later when old, i can show to my children, "woah your mom was so cute loh... now also quite cute, right...? " hahahahaha so shameless, but i am a person who can say that lah. ahahhahaa

So, today i did like maybe 8 attempts to take a picture of myself with my Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag. Why? Because until today, one of the most popular posts from my blog is still regarding the Candy Sugar Japanese School Bag. :D

So yeah, i still use my bag, it is still in a very good condition, it is very useful, and i loveeeee it so much....

Here's the picture of me! (tried to look like a Japanese school girl :P)
only 1 pic because only 1 is quite nice from 8. HAHAHA

ah i think i am really cute actually :P mwahaha


  1. hey I got you visited my blog a few times. i m here finally. its nice to know this blog. anyway, just take it easy when taking some pictures of you. you'll be fine. just saying, haha.

  2. hello...
    Thank you for dropping by!
    I love your blog - a regular reader :D

    Okay, i will try to take it easy when taking pictures! :P