Thursday, 12 April 2012

i love German Shepherd Dog

This is a post which i want to write like since 1-2 weeks ago.

I can't believe i love German Shepherd Dog (or people here called GSD as "herder").

My family is not animal lover - so when i fed pigeon before at the roof of house in my hometown or when i had hamster some years ago, my family especially grandmother kept on yelling me. She complained about the smell, etc. So, yeah i am also not an animal lover. Until today i am still not (honestly) :D

But i do love German Shepherd Dog. LOL! But my love has limit. Such as, i cannot kiss GSD like what other people do to their pets, i always want to wash my hands after i touched GSD, etc. But i do love GSD, okay?! :P I use GSD word specifically because i am not an animal lover, i can only love GSD the most compare to others. mwahahahha.....

Okay... so... some weeks ago.. somebody gave Oppa a GSD. I didn't know what is GSD at that time. I just read the thank you note written by Oppa to that person. He wrote "Shepherd". I was thinking that maybe it is like holy sentence or proverb! Hahaha. i felt "Thank you for giving us Shepherd" is something like "Thank you for showing us the right way" or something like that! LOL!

And then later, he said to me that he got GSD which is his dream dog. I was not familiar with that term so he said to me that GSD is herder (i still don't know why GSD is called "herder" here).

OMG! I was like... what??!! Herder??!! The one which is so aggressive, scary, get angry easily, etc.?? I don't even really can be in love with the Pom he has and now there is another one? And it's big, scary, all black, and looks not nice one?
(I think i thought that GSD, Doberman, and Rottweiler is somehow the same typical one - People always have this image in mind that GSD, Doberman, Rottweiler are dogs which are so scary. ) Hahahhaa.
And i have the least love for animals with all black color - especially rat (for sure) except horse (black horse is so cool).

I thought that if one day i have a-not-small-dog, i will only want to have either Golden or Husky (don't have knowledge about dogs, so i don't know about other type of dogs! LOL!)

Golden - Picture Source
Husky - Picture Source

But why... why GSD ??? Why scary GSD ?

GSD - Picture Source
But that was the time when i didn't know GSD at all.

The GSD is 8 months already, it is big. It is a little bit scary at the first time. It is not the full black one. LOL! And actually, it looks nice ! Wahahhaa...

His poop and pee is really annoying... But if we bring him out on time, he do his business outside so it is not that annoying anymore.

2 weeks ago, i spend a whole day to gain some knowledge about GSD. oh i fell in love with GSD.
Unexpected by me, GSD is a dog who actually can be a very good friend, protector, hard worker, etc. <3
I saw some videos on youtube and i saw that GSD can get along well with babies!

I can't believe that i as a person who is not an animal lover can somehow have a love for GSD.
The more i see GSD, the more i think GSD is charming and adorable. What? I still can't believe i typed that.
Just now i just browse pictures of GSD and i do think GSD is adorable. hahahha!

My burden is i don't know whether can train GSD. He is already 8 months, he is big and heavy. If he pull me, i got pulled easily. GSD, please be kind to us ..... :P

Today, our GSD just did something which makes me like aw.... until now..
So, today we went out for a walk with the Pom. And we met another dog.... That dog wanted to get near to the Pom. The Pom was frightened and jumped away. Our GSD saw that and barked loudly at that dog angrily. I was confused because our GSD rarely get angry with other creatures (human, dogs, etc). Then... we think that our GSD is just being protective to the Pom.... awww...... <3

And yesterday... GSD was playing with a chewing bone which before was Pom's chewing bone (but Pom didn't play with it at all for months). Then GSD played with it, Pom saw it and Pom took back the bone. When GSD saw Pom was playing with the bone which is already become his, GSD just sat down in front of Pom quietly seeing Pom playing with that bone! I was so surprised. I was a little bit scared + wondering if GSD can be angry because his bone was taken by the Pom.

Love GSD even more!! Cannot wait to see him tomorrow!


  1. She complained about the smell, etc. So, yeah i am also not an animal lover. Until today i am still not (honestly)

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