Sunday, 1 April 2012


Adoration is something i do quite often towards some special people who happened to moved my heart.
I adore a lot of people, a lot a lot... From the people whom i never met before, from the people i met, etc.
I can start to adore a person from the first time i saw / met the person or by slower pace where the several happenings can compiled into an accumulative adoration feeling.

I adore people from so many ways.
I adore some people for their charming smile, some for their way of thinking, some for their attitude, some for their beautiful way of writing, and more.
I can adore someone from a side only but not from the other side. For example, i adore a girl only because of her smile. I don't know the person therefore i cannot adore other sides of her.
But i also can adore someone from many sides and this kind of adoration is somehow quite blind :D
Although the feeling of adoration is somehow a little bit like "love", but it's not that kind of love. Don't know how to explain it, but just..... adoration. That is the only word for it, i think .. Adoration. What a beautiful word with a very nice to listen pronunciation.

Some people don't like me who adore people much. They said, those people i adore are just human, why should adore them much?
I also don't know why, but for myself, adoration can encourage me and makes me happy.
Even happier when people knew that they are being adored by but still so down to earth and humble. From a way, they got positive feeling towards themselves and fortunately they are still stepping on the ground.

I like to praise people for something they have or done which i really like. I like to praise people so that people know that somebody is liking it so it cause their mood become much better and be happy. Seeing people i adore happy makes me happy as well. But, try not to praise me back (especially for something which is not that special or i think it's not that true). I praise not to get a praise back. There was a time when i met a friend. I was praising her about something and she suddenly praise me back at that time too and for something which is not special at all. I was like... er........???!

And last, i am loving this song! by Goto Maki.. a girl from Morning Musume.
I love seeing her at the One for All and All for One music video. And from all of this time, i only love seeing her there but i never search about her until today.

Goto Maki - Ashiato <3

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