Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's been quite a time !

I didn't write any post for quite a time already!
Living almost 3 weeks without internet & computer is really not fun.. I feel like i lost a part of my life :D
As i didn't have much to do these 3 weeks, my emotion was really really bad. I got bad mood almost everyday and i thought a lot. A lot a lot a lot - mostly negative / pessimism.

I was sad because i felt like before i didn't get much chance to know or see more about the world.
I was sad because i didn't know what i wanted to do or what do i like.
I was sad because i didn't prepare myself at the past time.
I was sad i didn't get braces.
And more.

And how i miss Korea...
How i miss the weather there, the scenery there...
I even had a dream about autumn in Korea...

맥주 한 잔을 마시고 있었는데 기분이 행복했지만 조금 슬펐다.
한국 생활 기억이 났었다. 친구들과 같이 밥을 먹고 싶다. 매일 아름다운 경치를 보고 싶다. 기후도 참 좋다.

한국이 마음에 들었다. 보고 싶다.

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