Friday, 24 February 2012

I am hungry and i want to eat everytime

Have been here for almost 2 weeks...

I've used to:
- the weather here.

I haven't used to:
- the quantity of food at home
Back there, i ate a lot.. I ate full complete meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

An example of what i ate back there. Okay, this one was at restaurant lah so looks kinda wow.
This was at home.. There are still some more foods which are not shown on the pic.
I ate like this for breakfast as well.
But.... the quantity of foods which my family consume are much lesser than what i ate back there. Especially for breakfast. (and yeah, i gained more weight in Korea.)
My breakfast today was:

Telur ayam kampung 2 pcs T__T
2 pieces of small eggs .....
Picture Source

- I miss the spicy food there.
This one is quite funny. I miss sambal a lot when i was there. But now, i miss the spicy foods there.... How i miss the stew/soups....
The one i miss the most is 닭도리탕.

Picture Source

- I miss the less oily foods (exception: sesame oil)
Indonesian foods got a lot of fried foods....
Chinese foods got a lot of oily foods...
Today i ate fried chicken... And i realized that i miss roast chicken instead of fried one! I want 굽네 치킨... :P

So.. the solution is .. i better learn how to cook and cook what i want by mysel.LOL!


  1. i haven't try the korean seafood soup ~~haahaha~~~looks nice in tv >.<

  2. try it someday :D
    if there is any Korean Restaurant near your area, just try it . hehe.

    They're delicious ... to think of it, i really want to eat them now :P