Thursday, 16 February 2012

2 days back!

I am back in Indonesia !
So, 2 days ago hasukjib ajossi sent me to the gate of SNU where there is the airport limousine bus station.
With KRW9,000 i arrived at Incheon well. Saw Korean Air's stewardess (aww so pretty, their uniform is really the best) and Asiana Air's stewardess as well. It was the first time i saw Asiana Air's stewardess directly, their uniform is nice as well ! But still, my favourite is Korean Air of course :D

I was thinking, if i can fly back to Indonesia using Korean Air, then my trip will be perfect :P
But unfortunately, the ticket price ICN - CGK is expensive T_T
For you who are going to Korea and if you are going back in 1 month, i recommend you to always buy a round trip ticket because it is much more cheaper.

So, i flew back to Indonesia using Garuda Indonesia flight no. GA879 which is a cooperation with KE as well. So, there are quite much Korean as well. Their ticket is KE but operated by GA (ah.. i miss the time when i flew to ICN. My ticket is GA but operated by KE. My best flight ever).

Inside the GA879 there is a stewardess who can speak Korean well. I wonder if she is a Korean as well. I tried to see her name tag, it's written "Song". She is the person who handle the Korean customers. She's nice, care, and smile a lot.

Because i was seated around the Korean's customers area, so.. somehow.. people thought i am Korean too. Haha.. so i just enjoyed my role play that time... hahaha.... And miss Song always asked me anything in Korean too, so i always asked anything from her in Korean as well.. hahaha.. Though i only can speak very simple sentences such as "물 좀 주세요", "생선을 주세요", "물 좀 넣으세요". Actually i even don't know the last one is right or not, i never use it before! hahaha.. i brought a bottle of mineral water with me, and when i finished it, Miss Song wanted to take it. So i asked her to just pour water into it. hehe.. But she gave me a new bottle of mineral water leh. nice.. hehe.

Basically i quite enjoyed the flight :D Because i feel like i was acting mah, so it feels quite fun lah. hahaha...

Then... the moment i arrived, omg... the weather is so hot to me... I mean, those few days before i came back, the weather in Korea was around -10 C. And then i arrived in Jakarta which is 30 C that day. The difference is 40 degree leh... i feel like i am in sauna. hahaha.

And i also miss Korean foods.. omg.. breakfast in my family is so..... like a snack only to me. I ate a complete set of meal back there, a bowl of rice with soup and many banchan to eat with.
The first morning here, i only got small dumplings (i think i only eat like 4 pcs) huhuhu.. therefore i cooked instant noodle to eat. The second morning (today), only got to eat a bun of bread T_T

And.. the noon or dinner meal is somehow.. 마음에 안들어요. 저는 중국 음식을 좋아하지만 한국 음식을 많이 먹어서 지금은 중국 음식을 별로 좋아하지 않아요. The foods are oily (typical Chinese foods so of course oily loh). But i still like Chinese foods anyway, though not as like as before anymore. But i still like kwetiao lah hahahhha...

Then, somehow i think it's really good for me to live in Korea for a while. Because, it has show me many good stuffs. I mean, of course there are not good stuffs too, but there are more positive influences for me.
Like, in Korea they used many positive comments or sentences in daily life.

Such as, a day when i was in the shuttle bus to school and there was traffic jam because it's the test day for people who wanted to enter that uni. And after the bus arrived at school, the driver said to all of us, "수고하셨어요" which means something like "You've done great". I was like wow.... doesn't it has to be us to talk to him like that, it's him who take us to school man! But yeah.. it's him who said that to us! My thinking is he thought that we've been great to be patient.

Another story, i don't know if i ever told you this or not. I was eating with my friends and one of my friend's uncle. After we finished eating, we said thank you to him as he paid for us. But instead, he said thank you to us as well ! He said that he is so happy to see us eating well therefore he thanked us for eating well !

Another one, i went out with friends. Then when oppa's grandma asked me what did i do. I said i went out with friends. She said to me, "잘 했다" which means like "Well done". My thinking is she thought that i did well because i made friends, i went out having fun with friends. At the first time i was so confused, why going out with friends is considered well done? While at hometown, if i go out with friends often, what i got was "Are you crazy? Why always want to go out??"

And a lot more difference.. Basically, i think people there are better at appreciating people.
Like a simple case, if wanna ask something at a restaurant, people always asked using "주세요" which is "please". Yeah i know some people also use "please" here, but mostly not. Mostly it's "Mas, piring kosongnya ya", "Mbak, sendoknya donk", etc. Not so much people use "tolong" nowadays anymore, do you feel so?

And back there i heard a lot of positive comments... So, yesterday when i ate outside and i heard many not positive comments, i got annoyed. We ate like some kind of barbeque (but i don't know what kind of style the food is). When the foods came, instead of saying like "맛있겠다" (looks delicious!) i heard like "the foods look dried".

Then, instead of learning how to eat the food/experiencing a new kind of food, i heard "why no sauce came with it?" I mean, it's the first time eating this food mah, never eat this kind of food, don't have any knowledge about this food, not every food must come together with sauce mah? I might not feel annoyed if i heard "Does this food no need to eat with sauce?"

I don't know if it's because different age got different thinking or else. Maybe older people expect more privileges? Ah, i don't know lah. When i said to one of my aunties about this. She said,"You tried to adapt with others, but you might not know that others might also try to adapt with you." Yeah, i admit people are different loh therefore must adapt to each other. But, anyway, this is only writing out my opinion because i was annoyed lah.

I am quite sure some people will think that "Wah, so now you're becoming arrogant huh?"

To answer you who think like so, my answer is it's not becoming arrogant lah, but it is developing self become better. Seriously, if you can become better, you want to stay there not good meh? I am not looking down to other people, i adapt with it anyway mah, i just feel annoyed inside my mind. And also i am not thinking that i am the best mah, i believe people there better and i must learn a lot more. But of course i myself realized that i am learning and wanted to become better than before.

Like for example, if you are a person who dislike make up and you have a friend who used to dislike make up as well. But your friend now like to do make up and she is becoming prettier. She still like you, still be friend with you, just she thinks that if people do make up a bit then might become prettier as well. Then, you are going to say that she has become an arrogant person ah? She does developing herself becoming better mah, and it's your fault to stay there don't want to do anything better because you "see" that people as arrogant.


  1. so pity only ate instant noodles :(

  2. hihi it's okay..
    i quite like instant noodles though it's not good for health :D