Thursday, 12 January 2012


So.. there were some days when it's snowing in Seoul.. But.. only for a while and not much..
I wonder when i can see quite much snow again like this. That time is the only time i see quite much snow.

It's now almost mid Jan and still cannot see much snow.. Our teacher also said that this year the weather is kinda weird. She said she saw news that maybe at mid February will be snowing much. Wew.... mid February i will go back to Indonesia already T_T
So yeah i don't know whether it's good or not good news for me.

Good because snow might cause trouble like slippery road, wet, etc.
Not good because can't play with the snow much! :P

But anyway.. today it's snowing... and i managed to take some pics.
I do think snow is really really beautiful. I don't know why snow is so beautiful. It's just so magical.

And i took pics of snowflakes! Omg.. it's really beautiful... The shape, the texture, the colour, everything...
I have a pair of earrings with snowflakes shape. And now i love my earrings even more after seeing the real snowflakes. haha.

The pictures are not quite good because it's too cold. My hand was like freezing because i am not used to wear gloves when taking picture with camera. So hard to press the camera button using gloves. haha.

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