Sunday, 1 January 2012

Snow at 2011 December 24th morning!

The night before, i didn't see snow. I don't know at what time did the snowing start.

But at December 24th morning, grandma looked out of the window and she said there's snow.
I looked out of the window immediately and... OMG everything is white... so pretty...

My mom has been wondering about the high rise building whether if will be covered by snow or not when it's snowing...
Hmm.. looking at the picture below... i guess not (or maybe depends on the roof of the building). hahaha.
If the snow is like open terrace then it might collected some snow.
But there're some snow on the balcony bar anyway.. The balcony bar of grandma's apartment got snow at that day.

Tried to walk on snow with grandma. Grandma don't like to take picture leh.
Walking on snow feels very funny.. The sound, the feeling... like cute. haha.

But after that we left to Gwangju soon so i haven't take much pic with snow.
It's not snowing in Gwangju and currently it's not snowing too in Seoul.. So, i haven't experience much with snow, maybe later...

Last, the only media (video) which has snow and me together. haha..

The video basically is dedicated to my cousin, Nicholas. He really wants to see snow as he never see snow before (of course lah. I myself never see snow until i am 24 years old hahaha). He is so cute. My auntie tell me that every christmas day he always wake up and look out of the window immediately try to see if there's snow :D

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