Friday, 13 January 2012

random pics of foods

Here are some random pictures of foods i ate in Korea..
I rarely take pictures of foods because when the foods came, i just wanted to eat asap!

This is salad from Pizza Hut's salad bar. They use saucer instead of bowl, but it's free refill ^^
The menu of the salad bar is little bit different from the one in Indonesia.
As you can see, they have pickles, jelly, etc.

This is the pizza i ate in Pizza Hut @Seoul Station. I don't know what is the name of the pizza and the pizza's crust.
But... can you see that light yellow creamy colour on the crust? It's sweet potato 고구마 which many people here like it (but usually expat doesn't like it on a pizza). I myself can eat it but it's not my favourite though.. Because it tastes sweet, of course.
I ate this before when i was in high school. In Indonesia - "Mini Melts".
This one which i ate in Korea is "Dippin' Dots".

The first time i ate patbingsu 팥빙수 and it's delicious ^^
Roast chicken 굽네치킨 !
The first time i hear roast chicken, i thought it might be less delicious than fried chicken. I never eat roast chicken before back then in Indonesia, i only have like roast duck. But... the truth is roast chicken is so delicious!!
And yeah.. we don't have sambal here.. what we got is a sauce which taste a lil bit sweet and another one is lil bit spicy but there's sweet taste a bit too.

that's all! later if i have pics of foods again, i will post it. *i doubt this previous sentence*

eh btw i have last pic... this one is called food too, i think (?). hahha..
it's medicine. hahaha! i had diarrhea a few days ago so i went to the health center at SNU.

I really like the way they package the medicine for you.
Usually in Indonesia, they sort the medicine by its type. So you should take out the medicine one by one from its place.
But here, they sort it by the time you should take the medicine. So they place every medicine which should be taken at the same time together at the same place. So easy and convenient, right?

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