Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My first time skiing !

There was I, at Vivaldi Park 비발디파크 !

Alexandra - our friend who is so good at skiing - have some coupons for us: KRW45,000 for ski rental and lift rental. And rental fee for ski outfit is KRW20,000.

First when i arrived at Vivaldi Park, i felt cold.. But after i wear the ski outfit, eh... not that cold anymore. Yeah, really a special outfit is a special outfit indeed. Actually i think ski outfit looks ugly lah. Shapeless and some of the colours are just not that nice to see (for me). Maybe that is because i got the purple colour one - one of my least favourite colours currently. Not nice to see but yeah it is good to protect us from feeling cold.

Alexandra - our teacher :D
Group photos..
Actually there is another guy - Robert - who came along together but he's snowboarding somewhere :D

So, there are some slopes with different difficulties. Easier, easy, intermediate, etc...
And for the first time we tried the easy one.. er.. actually it's me only who tried the easy one. Alexandra is a pro one lah and Mayu also know how to ski. So we went up using the lift. Woah.. it is the first time for me to tried that kind of lift and suddenly i was thinking about a movie called Frozen and got scared :P (I haven't watch that movie but watched the trailer before).

And just the time we arrived, i fell. LOL! At that time i really didn't know how to stop myself from slipping down. Alexandra and Mayu tried to explain to me but oh well..... our mixed languages are so hard to understand. hahaha. Alexandra is a Russian - Kazakhstan. And Mayu is a Japanese. So, yeah.... They taught me how to do stop or slow down, taught me how to get up by myself when i fall down, etc. Haha.. So i fell so  many times before i arrived on the ground T_T

I was so tired of trying to get up by myself so... i went to the easier slope one and learned by myself. After a few rounds trying, i already know how to get up when i fall, how to stop or slow down. After that i moved to the easy slope one (the first one which i tried and fell the moment i arrived). Later i understand a bittttt how to go left or right BUT i cannot control the speed. I really don't know how to control the speed. So i ended up doing triangle shape (which is to slow down) all the time. LOL!!

Picture of me taken by Mayu. I was doing triangle shape all the time ! :D

I said to Alexandra i never see much snow - though the snow there at that time  is not all pure snow -
so i wanted to lie down on snow. So yeah... smile widely.

Happily playing and touching snow! Laughed hahaha!

Ek... i was not using gloves !
So cold, my hands cannot stand it anymore. Hurts! Cannot laugh already. LOL!

Miserable face. LOL!!
For lunch i had chicken kkokkomyeon 치긴 꼬꼬면 and i love it !
The first time i had something which the taste has kinda similar taste like the noodles i ate back at hometown!
The noodles are also quite slim. I like it and i bought 2 cup of 꼬꼬면 at Family Mart on my way back home that day :P
For the last round, me and Mayu tried a slope which the end part of the slope is actually the easy one. But we tried from the beginning of the slope. But seems like it's not easy one T___T Maybe the beginning and the mid of the slope is intermediate one. Me and Mayu fell sooo many times.
I was like shocked and i wanted to stop. But.......... the only way for you to stop is you must reach the ground! That means you should do ski ! T___T

I was sooo stressed, i kept on doing triangle shape so i can slowly go down. But really can't. huhuhu... I fell down and fell down seems nothing to me anymore. LOL! I even accidentally stucked the ski on the side net, the ski got off from the shoes and i spent like 10 minutes just trying to put on the ski because i cannot stand straight. I even thought i will just walk down but also it's too hard. So the only way is i must put back on my ski.

Then a staff was passing by.
" 죄송하지만.. 도와 주세요... ", I called.
Then the person taught me how to put back on my ski lah (in Korean of course). I was like half listening and half guessing what was he trying to say :P I only understand words like 오른 발.. but at last i can put back on my ski leh!

Then i can reached the ground finally by skiing and fell like more than 10 times. T___T
What an experience !

And i got souvenir from this first time skiing experience which is.....

bruise lah of course !

pic taken 3 days after the day. looks better now. LOL!

스키 타기가 정말 어려워요. 처음이어서 어려웠는데 재미있었어요.

* * *


eating 꼬꼬면 at 설날 T___T
설날에 저는 혼자 있어서 그냥 꼬꼬면을 먹었어요. 후후.
Btw, this 설날 i have turned to 26 years old! Isn't it crazy?
I mean.. i am still 24, man! I haven't pass my birthday this year so i am still 24 going on 25.
But how come my Chinese/Korean age has turned into 26 ?! Gyargh !

It was snowing yesterday night. This picture is taken this morning around 8:50 AM ^^

I stepped on snow... gyahahaha... still excited to see snow until today :D

But, i am not excited to experience the weather these days ! T_T

Screenshot from Saud. See the "Feels Like" !


  1. sadness when i was playing skiing last time , because of some person :( but it is an amazing experience for me , drop to ground and can't even stand back =.= difficult as no body are teaching us. enjoy your korea tour :D

  2. Hi, Sandy.
    haha.. yeah... so true.. i also cannot stand back before, i tried so hard to pull up my body, my friends also helped me to get up. hahaha..

    Did you get bruise too at that first time skiing? :P

  3. Seems fun there ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Join my first giveaway, open internationally ˆ⌣ˆ click here.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. Dear Karina,

    thanks for dropping by !

    And yeah it was fun but kind of miserable too :P