Thursday, 26 January 2012

Money is something, but can't you be considerate?

I bet most of you must have been ever asked whether will you choose money over love, or love over money.

I don't know what's your answer and it's not that which i want to talk about actually.

When i was a kid, of course i didn't know that money is an important part of a life. But yeah now i understand that money is something. Wanting to have money is normal, but blinded by money is another thing. It is normal too, but it's kind of inconsiderate if someone did something like "harming" other people because of it. Harming could be anything, such as ruining trust, harming people mentally, etc. And it's super inconsiderate if actually someone wanted that amount of money only to fulfill desire (not to fulfill need).

As a person who was born in the place where i was born, i cannot do much except to accept that our hometown is a place where there are so many people who are blinded by money to the point people will do anything even though should "harm" other people.

Extortion happens a lot here. So somehow, i already understand it and can accept it, because cannot do anything much, right?

But if i accepted it, why today i feel like i want to complain?
Because today i just cannot accept the experience of a close person of mine. Let's say the person is A.

So, A today has been asked an amount of money by a person or party let's just called P.
Because P is blinded by money, the amount of the money which P asked for is too much which is not affordable. But P don't want to understand (read: inconsiderate) and keep asking that amount of money. The amount is really not affordable and A had let go all the self esteem just to make P to be more considerate.
Therefore my heart cannot accept it (even I as a person who is not the person who experience this directly cannot accept it) and i want to complain by writing this post. Although i cannot write clearly about everything because though people said that it is okay to speak out, but the truth is... cannot. Search Prita Case for an example.

Why must "harming" other people to get an amount of money? I really cannot understand why.
"Maybe P needs that money that much" is not an excuse. Why?

1. I have see and know directly a person who has a wife and a child but his salary is only like US$90/month and he survived. His child also can go to school. The amount of the money which P asked is like 20 times more! It's not need anymore! It's desire to fulfil!

2. If P really needs money that much, then P must be a person who is in short of money right? Then P must understand the feeling of cannot afford something. If so, if P has a heart, P will understand when other people also cannot afford! But, P doesn't understand, that means P doesn't really in need !

I know money is something, but please can't you be more considerate??

Btw, i read a great article here.
PS. The article is not related to what i wrote above nor P is mentioned at all. It's just to let you see an example of how money plays too much role.

And last, after i complained here, i read my old blog post which is about money too (that time i complained because of other experience) and i realized i haven't been donating for quite a time already. After realized, i did donate lah :D and feel better after that.


  1. " money is not important , the important we cannot live without money :D HAHAHA ,,many person said like that..