Monday, 2 January 2012

Locked our love at Namsan Seoul Tower !

So, i went to N Seoul Tower before and i didn't buy lock.
This time after school, we have a little bit time before going back to grandma's house.
So we went to N Seoul Tower ! Hehe..

We walked up to this mountain using the walking path which is all stairs! I was so tired because i seldom exercise lah.. Seldom exercise + cold weather + bulky clothes, scarf, etc. So hard! hahaha..

Then we reached this place for viewing Seoul..

Finally, arrived at N Seoul Tower !

And, we bought locks! hahaha..
Somehow... when i wanted locks too, i feel very funny actually. I feel like i was eaten by the somehow marketing strategy. hahahha. But anyway this is for fun and not always, right? So okay lah hahha..

Oppa locking our locks! hahaha

Our locks!!!
Then we headed down.. This time we use cable car instead. Hahaha..

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