Sunday, 15 January 2012

I will be leaving Korea next month !

In front of SNU main gate.

Can't believe that i already spent like more than 4 months in Seoul!
Can't believe that i will go back to Indonesia next month!
At first, i was thinking that i want to see cherry blossom before going back. Because, sometimes you just don't have the time or chance. Like for example my grandma, she really love plants and she wanted to see cherry blossom like from years ago. But until now, she hasn't got the chance to see cherry blossom yet. Hopefully she can see cherry blossom soon (and i want to see too! :P)
I already think that if i am going to see cherry blossom, i will buy or rent yukata or kimono and i will wear it to go to the cherry blossom festival! Complete with a bento set wrapped by cloth! hahahaha!

But people think that my reason of wanting to live for the next 3 months here is kinda weird... because my ONLY reason is i want to see cherry blossom. I also don't know why i wanted to see cherry blossom that much, i myself usually never really care about plants. I just can feel that cherry blossom is so magical too, i believe 100% that the first time i see cherry blossom later, i will cry like when i see snow for the very first time. I also don't know since when my phone's wallpaper is cherry blossom.
(The last time i use a picture for quite a longggg time was Banpo Bridge and i already visited Banpo Bridge, i feel very grateful)

Picture Courtesy
See the pic above? Sooooo beautiful and magical.
Quote from the article :

All this scene needs is a soldier and a beautiful girl waiting for him at the station.

This small whistle-stop bustles with tourists and amateur photographers every spring. 

Cherry blossoms rain down on the train track and countless shutters click madly away as the train approaches the station under the cherry blossom tunnel.  
Kyeongwha-dong, Jinhae-gu, Gyeongsangnam-do (경남 창원시 진해구 경화동)

But yeah, living cost in Seoul is high! And my only reason to stay here seems can't be accepted.
So, let my wish to see cherry blossom to bring me back to Korea or even go to Japan itself next time !
(When i was a teenager, my dream is to go to UK and it was like my biggest dream back then. I had that dream for years as well. But don't know how and when, UK is like set back. I wanted to experience East Asia first. I think maybe it's for the cultural stuff. I love East Asia cultures.)

So.. next month i am going to leave Korea. I am thinking to leave on February 13rd.
Thinking about it, i feel kinda sad because Korea is indeed a beautiful place. So now as i will be leaving, every morning when i walk to school, i enjoy the view and the air even more than before. I feel so grateful everytime to the point i can enjoy this cold weather. I can't believe until today i already have go through like -10 Celcius weather. As for me, who usually sleep without air con at around 25-28C, going through -10C and enjoy it is somehow weird (even now i feel warm enough when the weather is -3C). I feel very grateful everytime i breath and i see my breath.

But thinking of going home also makes me happy as i can see beloved ones soon!

There are still many stuff which i haven't see or experience in Korea, i wish one day i come again !

So, when i was walking back home with friends, we took our pictures in front of the main gate of SNU.
I feel really grateful i can live in Korea for a few months and i think it has give me a lot positive sides.
Tanumporn - me - Mayu - Goi


  1. Aww, at least you'll have one more month there :) and yay for coming home in time for Valentine's day!

  2. hahha yeahh...
    should use time well :D