Monday, 16 January 2012

Eating dak galbi 닭갈비 at Yoogane 유가네

Went out with friends to 신림 area and we had dak galbi 닭갈비 !
It's the first time i had dak galbi ~ It is stir fried chicken marinated with gochujang, etc.
Went to this restaurant called Yoogane 유가네.

So delicious ! 맛있었어요!


After it is cooked !

아주 맛있었어요! cost KRW8,000/person.

I really really like to eat foods like this (dak galbi, samgyeopsal, etc) with friends at night. Because it's just so fun.. Eating together from the same pan.. And because it's 고기 meat !! haha!

The only thing which i don't like is i need to wash my hair later that night because my hair will have the smell of the food :P

Friends showing their taiyaki - i forgot what is the name in Korean... wait let me google.. 잉어빵 !
3 마리 1,000원 :D

At 신림역 before going home.

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