Sunday, 29 January 2012

2 weeks left ! summary of these few months !

Play above song so this post will be more touching :P
It's a nice song anyway lah so just play it. haha.

My time in Korea is only 2 weeks left! Can't believe i am in Korea for almost 6 months! huhu.. even i am teary right now lah thinking of everything + listening to above song. wahaha..

Can't believe everything from the very start. Never thought that i will came to Korea lah! My dream destination used to be UK, man! :D But don't know why it has became Korea. And since i've visited Korea, my dream destination is Japan!

I even don't know since when i started to know that there is a country called Korea. I'm so lack of general knowledge lah. I started to know Korea maybe since my friends recommended me to watch Princess Hours. Maybe before that i have ever heard of Korea but never really know about it. Since watching some Korean dramas, i think Korea is interesting. And then i played game called Audition too and there are many Korean songs in the game. I started to realized that there is this beautiful country called Korea.. But hey, i don't came to Korea for that K Pop something reason, okay? (it's so irritating when people asked me why do i come to Korea and expected me to say that i love K Pop, K artists, etc. I mean, that is not the only reason people will come here though there are many people whose reason is that.)

Then don't know how randomly the stuff i like is related somehow to Korea. Such as, i love my LG KC550 phone the most of all phones i have ever had (and at that time i didn't know that LG is Korean brand lah), i love Korean Air's uniform the best of any other airlines' uniform which i have ever seen, and more else.

And don't know how... then i got the chance to came to Korea..
And it's really the happiest day when i knew i travel via Korean Air itself! (Actually i bought Garuda Indonesia's ticket. But the flight's operated by Korean Air ^^) It was my best flight ever. > 6 hours flight which was like a dream to me.

has been in love with their stewardess + outfit for quite a time.

And really has to climbed up everytime i go home. At first i feel so tired everytime i go home. But now i forgot  about that already :D

my hasukjib's surrounding area

And visited some places with Oppa's family together.
At Sangju
And that i started to hang out alone or with friends.
And i visited Banpo Bridge which i have been adoring from pictures only for quite a time too.

Banpo Bridge,  Sept 2011.
Enjoy and addicted to public bath :D

Dragon Hill Spa, Sept 2011.

I watched amazing international standard fireworks..

Seoul International Fireworks 2011 - Yeouido Hangang Park, Oct 2011.
And did hiking to the top of Gwanak Mountain and got to see a beautiful view of Seoul.

Gwanak Mountain, Oct 2011.

Experiencing autumn.. which is really a beautiful season..

Gwanak Mountain, Oct 2011.

Went to Everland theme park with friends where my friend took this very nice picture of me. The colours are so wow..

Everland, Oct 2011.

And i watched concert for the first time in my life... And it was X-Japan's concert !!

Olympic Park Stadium, Oct 2011.
Making kimchi twice. 1 time with hasukjib's family. And another time with oppa's grandma.
The time when i became a bit traumatic to kimchi because... it's really tiring loh. haha.

Making kimchi at hasukjib, Nov 2011.

Hasukjib's ajumma prepared for me seaweed soup, samgyeopsal, gyul for my brithday.

My birthday, Nov 2011.

Enjoy the last days of autumn at Namisom ..

With the leaves of gingko trees - Namisom, Nov 2011.

Completed Level 1 ! Got so many friends from different countries.
Class of 나 Fall 2011, Nov 2011.

And can't believe it's winter already ! Experiencing eating ice cream at winter time !

Myeongdong, Dec 2011.

Experiencing snow !

Suji, Dec 2011.

Went to Gyeongju and saw huge tombs.

Daereungwon Tomb Complex, Dec 2011.

And went to Busan! Very happy!

Haeundae Beach, Dec 2011.

Got more friends at Level 2. And hang out at this cold winter weather..

Gwanghwamun Square, Jan 2012.

Friends from different countries, different regions, show me more about the uniqueness of everyone.

"Speaking Test" written in many languages :D

Hang out in a larger group!

"Under The Sea" day :D - Jan 2012.  After this we went to noraebang where Saud really made our day.

Learning samulnori - Jan 2012.

Itaewon, Jan 2012.

Took a pic with the main gate of Seoul National University..

SNU, Jan 2012.

Skiing for the first time !

Vivaldi Park, Jan 2012.

My first time studying abroad, living abroad for a few months...
Every single thing does amazing. Every tiny bits has special meaning to me.
From the time i came here, when the weather is still so hot.. And turned into chilly... And then cold...
Spring is coming and i am going back home. Haven't leaving and i already miss you, Korea... You are really a very beautiful country, where i still feel can the tradional feeling everytime but at the other side, you are so well developed too. 


  1. what have u been to korea within this 6 months? study ?? nice la

  2. Sandy,
    yes.. i am studying here... for 6 months only ^^ and yeah it's so nice, a great experience for me but i will go home soon... but i miss the hot weather too anyway because currently it's too cold here... hehe.

    wow thank you so much for visiting my blog! i am a fan of your blog. the words written in your blog are simply beautiful.. like reading a fairy tale novel :)

  3. hi,i want to ask several questions if u don't mind ^^. I have a plan to study Korean too but i still confuse which univ i want to go.I am considering Sogang, SNU, & Yonsei. I actually want to go SNU since it's a prestige University and the campus looks great ^^ but I heard that in SNU, too much grammar than speaking & the teachers are lack of experiences in teaching. What do you feel about the progress of your Korean for 6 months? Thank you so much...

  4. Hi, Neng Geoliz ^^
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Before i came here, i did some browsing at internet and also found that Sogang, SNU, and Yonsei are popular for the Korean Language Program.

    About prestige, i think no need to care too much about prestige since the Korean Language Program is a non degree program. People will care more about your fluency in Korean rather than from which university were you from. So, i think just choose the one which you think will suit your personality the most so you can understand Korean Language better and easier.

    SNU campus is indeed beautiful. It's located at mountain area so the view is great. I never have been to other universities so i cannot compare ^^
    But, i myself also never explore SNU completely as i usually go home directly after school :P

    In my opinion, the teachers here are great ^^ There are some teachers i like so much because they can make the environment of the class become so fun. But about this one, i think this is really depends on your personality. The teacher who is fun in my eyes might be boring in others' eyes or vice versa.

    About grammar and speaking... I don't have friend from other universities so i cannot compare ^^

    But for myself, i feel i learned much for this 6 month. I learned many grammar for daily use. Just need to expand my knowledge of vocabulary and maybe i can communicate quite well with native Korean for daily simple life issues.

    And also from Level 1, the teachers rarely use english. So they tried to explain using body language, example, etc and let us understand well by ourselves. Because teachers talk to us in Korean, our listening become better and better everyday :)

    Choose the one which you think suit you the most, okay ^^

  5. Thank you for your reply ^^
    I heard Sogang is great for speaking but the vocabulary is too much, the grammar is lack, you cannot open dictionary on the class and the teachers are lack of manner. I am just scare about the vocabulary since our brain have limitation to remember too many new words for the short time. The campus is small and not that beautiful compared to SNU.

    For Yonsei, it seems too much party there.Not my type. I need to save money since i will pay it by myself.I also should have at least 5.000 US in my bank account to apply there.

    By the way, do u get discount for second term? I think this will be one of my consideration to choose which university.

    Do you know if there is some part time job that i can do except teaching English? My English is not that fluent i don't want to run out of money.

    Last question hehehe, how much you pay for hasukjib? is it clean? Can you give me the address?

    Sorry for bothering you with too many question xD

  6. Neng Geoliz,

    No worries, i am happy to answer your questions ^^

    About party, it depends on you if you are going to party or not :)
    I have been to around that area (Sinchon, Hongdae, etc) and i think the area is so fun! Many stores, many nice coffee shops, many nice foods, etc. And because there are many students there, the environment feels like fun :D

    At SNU, because it's kinda far away from the heart of Seoul, so.. it's less crowded.. And if you want to travel around Seoul, it takes time for travel - more than 30 mins - to popular places (Myeongdong, etc.)
    But if you like more quiet place than it might be good for you ^^

    We don't get discount for the next level ^^ Only 1 person who is the best of all classes per level can get 350,000won scholarship for the next level.
    But they got discount for afternoon class or if you choose the Yeongeon Campus. It's 1,350,000won if i am not mistaken.

    About part time, if you are lucky you can get part time job ^^
    A friend of mine got part time job at a restaurant as a waiter. She doesn't need to speak at all, no need to take orders, her job is only serving dishes.

    About hasukjib, i will post more about my hasukjib tonight/tomorrow :D About the price and address, can you email me? I will tell you the detail.
    But, i think if you can, just apply to the on-campus dorm. The earliest the better. On-campus dorm is really really much cheaper.