Tuesday, 13 December 2011

When i leave Korea later, this is one of which i will be missing so much...

The subway song!

and of course the subway itself too!

The subway here is really good. The other subway I have ever tried are subway at Singapore (MRT) and Hongkong (MTR). But, i like Korea's one better ! (Even though i also like HK one because it is so easy to transfer to other line, no need to walk a distance because the other line is across at the other side).

I like subway in Korea because (random order):

- There is a place for you to place your bags or other belongings (save space for other people to stand). Sometimes people just leave the read newspaper there. And other people will take it and read it :D

- Signage is really good! Before when i was riding a subway, i never know whether the door will open at the right/left side the moment i stepped into the subway. But in Korea, they have the sign on the map. Such as, if the circle has yellow colour inside that means the door will be open on the left side. Or, if the circle has a dot beside it, that means the door will be open on the left side. So, the moment i stepped into the subway and see the map, i already know.

See the dot? Btw, the colourful one is where you can transfer to other line and you will hear the transfer song when you are reaching that station ^^
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- Again, signage is really good! There is a certain map which shows the "number" of the compartment where you can ride inside that "certain compartment" and you will get the shortest distance when transferring to other line. I don't know if my explanation is clear or not, so hard. hahaha.. Btw, my friend teach me about this one :D

- Again and again, signage is really good! Colours of the line are everywhere. Seats, floors, lines at the ceilings of the compartment and or else! Every station is numbered, every door is numbered, there is also sign for elderly/disabled/pregnant women/etc to know at which compartment are their reserved seats located.

I ride this line #2 (green line - the circular line) most often because SNU station is at line #2 :D
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Signage: numbered door/compartment and seats for elderly
Picture Courtesy
- You may eat or drink (but of course mustn't cause dirty) at the subway or subway station! Even they have vending machines at subway stations! (i cannot do this in Singapore >.<)

- Seats for elderly are reserved at every end of the compartment. So there are minimum 3 seats (if there is a disabled space) or 6 seats reserved at every seat of the compartment. And.. Even though the subway is kinda full, people don't dare to sit on those reserves seats if they are not old or needing enough.

- The song! Transfer song or the other song which announce that the train is coming.. I remember the first time i ride subway in Korea. I was surprised why i suddenly heard like a trumpet sound (is it trumpet sound?) and followed by announcement that the train is coming.

- and more!

haha... maybe from now on sometimes i must take pictures of/in subway :P
I will miss it so much haha..


  1. Super like!!
    I was only there for about a week and I miss it already. And oh I took some videos on the train too. It's super nice to watch! keke


  2. Loooove your blog!!!! xoxo from Rome



  3. haha, Ashley.. I think your travelling trip is so fun that you still very excited about it though it has been over like for a week. :D
    But i think Korea is really unique, i myself is really excited when i came here at the first time and still excited until now :P

    Valeria, thank you for dropping by ^^