Friday, 9 December 2011

The first time i saw snow 첫눈

Today is one of the most important day in my life.
Because today - December 9th, 2011 - is the first time i saw snow.

Lately these few days teachers in my class were saying that it might be snowing soon. At first i didn't expect it to be that soon because people said January and February are the coldest months in Korea, so i thought i might see snow at the end of December or at January. And i also see the weather forecast at my phone everyday but it didn't show any snow sign. So yeah..

But after teachers kept saying so, i wondered.. These few days i also asked the ajumma at my hasukjib when will it be snowing. She said that when the weather is like this cold, usually it comes. So lately i really hope that i can see the snow soon. hahaha...

This morning i wake up at 7am and saw the weather forecast, there's no sign of snow. Then i ate breakfast while asking about snow (again) to the ajumma.

And then i was going to school, i opened the door and i saw white stuff falling from the sky!
My first comment is "Oh-My-God!" with a pace between each word. And then,"Seriously? Is it snow?"

The first thing i do is i call my Thai friend and tell her it's snowing.
And i messaged another Thai friend via KakaoTalk.
And then i tried to call an Indonesian friend but she didn't pick up so i sent her message.
And while walking i called Oppa's grandma.
And i started to cry because i don't know too. Maybe because it's just too beautiful, maybe because it's just too good to be true that i can see snow at this beautiful country, etc.

I tried to take picture several times but my phone camera cannot capture the snow well. Cannot see the snow. So i didn't take any picture.

While waiting for shuttle bus, i sent message to oppa.
While in the shuttle bus, i sent message to oppa's mom and my mom.

I feel like i want to cry while walking alone until i arrived at the Language Education building..
But.. suddenly i saw my Indonesian friends are there on a bench at the school busy taking pictures. Hahahaha!! So i ended up taking pictures with them (when i got the pictures from them, will post it).

While walking to the Language Education building together, all of us were talking about snow..
So everyone of us haven't see snow before.
One of them is so funny. When she saw the snow this morning, she thought the snow was bird's poop and so she was afraid that the bird's poop (snow) touching her. Hahaha!
Another one thought that the snow was dust :P

When i arrived at the class, i also talked to a Malaysian girl in my class. She has never seen snow before too. She said she also thought that the snow was dust. But it kept on falling from the sky and suddenly she realized that it's snow. hahaha!

So.. snow is really like cotton! It's so cute.... and white... Looks like very pure and innocent when it falls from the sky.. going together with the direction of the wind...
When it touched my hand, it melts.. Really like a cotton candy, when eating cotton candy, it melts right away in mouth too.
Soooo beautiful...

My uncle said that my grandpa asked me that when i was crying, did my tears turn into ice. Hahahhaha!
I've been wondering about that too before but the truth is... no. hahhaha.

Here's a short video i took while i was in the class:

Somehow there's no snowfall at the noon time, i also don't really understand because i am from a tropical country hahaha... Maybe the first day always like this? I don't know too.

But i am looking forward to see snow again soon! :D

Update 2011-12-10: Got photos from friends! Still cannot see the snow from the pictures.


  1. It was magical! So glad I was there to experience this year's first snow in Seoul too :)


  2. Hi, Ashley!!

    So are you still in Korea or have you go back to your country?
    How's your holiday in Korea?

  3. Hi E,

    I'm back in Sydney :( Left on Friday night.
    Holiday in Seoul was awesome, didn't want to leave. Anyways, I'm posting some pics on FB :) feel free to have a look.

    Will contact you again if I'm there? :)

  4. Ashley ^^

    Okay i will take a look of your Korea pictures :D
    Nice to hear that you had fun there!

    Have a nice day!!