Thursday, 1 December 2011

8 colours of samgyeopsal 팔색삼겹살

Hmm.. 8 colours of samgyeopsal!!! Sounds very nice, right? And yeah it is nice, so delicious ^^
Actually, the meaning of 8 colours is 8 different taste ^^

Located in Sinchon 신촌.
Go to 신촌 subway station exit #6. Walk straightttt until you see a crossroad. Cross the road and make a U-turn, walk a bit and you will see the restaurant at your left side ^^
I don't know the exact address, but i tried search at google and i found other people post the address as this 서울시 마포구 노고산동 107-111.

The entrance
And we ordered the 8 colours of samgyeopsal set (enough for 4 of us - 3 girls and 1 man).. The set costs KRW34,000.

8 taste of samgyeopsal. I don't remember all of them, just remember some - Hot, Miso Paste, Curry, Pine Leaves.

Being cooked !
And of course it comes with side dishes, some of the side dishes:

Soup - don't know the name

And of course i like to eat samgyeopsal with vegetables ! :D
Vegetables such as Perilla leaves, hot pepper, and some else are free refill (self help).

Updated 2011-12-07: Got pictures from Alison's camera ! Pictures are nice !

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