Saturday, 5 November 2011

we like samgyopsal 삼겹살

We were going to eat samgyopsal yesterday night and there are some samgyopsal restaurants near our place.
And i randomly choose this one because it is on the main street, the restaurant is crowded, and i think the food must be quite nice because i saw there's writing "서울대점" meaning Seoul National University Branch - so it has some branches... 

So here we went ! "와!돈"
don't really know what is the meaning hahhaha..

I asked the ajumma there which samgyopsal is the most favorite one because there are several types of samgyopsal for us to choose and none of us understand the meaning. hahahhaha...

I think i asked something like this (don't know it's wrong or not), "어떤 삼겹살을 모두 사람 좋아해요?"
hahha... and she said ,"벌집". So i answered,"그럼 벌집 삼겹살을 3인분 주세요."
And of course i asked,"혹시 소주 있어요?"
"네.. 처음처럼."

hahha.. writing the conversation is quite easy, but i think when i am doing the conversation, there are many mistakes.. hahhaha..

So here is 벌집 삼겹살! i really don't know what it is actually because i can't cook so i don't know about cooking ingredients hahahhhaha!

벌집 삼겹살
We ate happily and the food's delicious! hahha.
and it's cheaper than in my country! A portion costs KRW5,500 which is half cheaper than in my country.

Feeling not enough, we ordered another 3 portions of 고추장 삼겹살 (we just randomly pick a menu :P)

고추장 삼겹살
As expected from its name, 고추장 삼겹살 is spicy~ 매워요!

my face looks really weird here.. so puffy don't know why! hahaha!
and really so puffy like a FAT rabbit. hahahha!
So, at last we were full! hahha..
After ate meat a lot, we went for a desert! My friends bought us ice cream! So delicious!!!!

Baskin-Robbins ! Variety set ( 6 cups ) for KRW14,000.

A card from Goi and a hand knitting by Tanumporn.

Thank you!

Using the hand knitting hair accessories by Tanumporn ^^
The colour is so beautiful~

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