Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Namsan Seoul Tower N서울타워

One of the landmark of Seoul - Namsan Seoul Tower !

Tried not to be lazy and go out :D
But when i arrived at N Seoul Tower, it's so foggy today T_T

How to go to Namsan Seoul Tower?
Go to Chungmuro 충무로 subway station (line 3 or 4) and then go to exit #2.
Wait for yellow bus (bus no. 02) at the bus station in front of exit #2 and get off at Namsan Seoul Tower.

Then walk up a bit ^^

See the "N" !
I bought a ticket to enter the Teddy Bear Museum + observatory for KRW 14,000
Firstly, i went to the Teddy Bear Museum first and hoping that the fog will be gone...

The Teddy Bear Museum has 2 exhibition hall, the past & present.

Here are some of the past one:
Traditional wedding ceremony

And here are some of the present:
About Insadong
About Cheonggye Stream

About Seoul Plaza

Teddy bears are B-boying ! :D

But.. the time when i most excited is when i see these:
Can guess ??

Can guess already???
It's the teddy bears for Princess Hours drama !!
Picture Courtesy

Shin Chae Kyeong & Lee Shin !
The script books !

And after Teddy Bear Museum, let's go to the observatory !

Waiting for elevator...

So pretty !

inside elevator
Observatory area

But it's still foggy so cannot see any view through the window T_T
ah~~ Japan is that way!
I wish i can go there the next time i go out of country! :D
So that way is Jakarta & Singapore ! :D
But anyway, i found an activity at the observatory area !

So, you can send postcards to anyone you want! Just buy any postcard at the shop there...
If the postcard is available with stamps, just stick the stamps & put KRW200 inside the plastic of the postcard if you want to mail it to overseas.
If the postcard is not available with stamps, put KRW400 inside.

Because the mailing fee is quite cheap (only KRW200!!) so i decided to send postcards! Souvenir for people at home! :D
This is the toilet. But yeah, because it's foggy and cannot see view, so it is not that wow.
But i think it is very cool when you can see the view clearly!
This is like a block where you can write something, but you should buy the block first.
And when you come to N Seoul Tower, of course you must not miss this:

Yeah !! Locks of Love !
Where you can write something on your lock or if you have couple, buy a couple locks and write your love writings. Then lock your locks somewhere here and throw away the keys so that your love is secure forever !

I didn't buy lock because i don't want to lock a single lock only :D

ok that's all this time !
a quite long post, right? so many pictures :D


  1. >.< ohhh i didn't go out have a nice view of korea , and miss the shocking floor ... aiya ...><

  2. when i went there it was foggy so i cannot see view of Seoul too >.<