Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nami Island 남이섬

Nami Island 남이섬 is one of the most popular places in Korea.
If you know the Korean Drama called Winter Sonata / Winter Love Story, you will recognize this place ^^

There are some ways to reach Nami Island, you can first go by bus, train, subway and later go by ferry to cross to the island. Here are some ways to reach there.

I myself decided to take subway. Took off at Gapyeong 가평 station.

From Gapyeong Station, please go to Gapyeong Wharf where you will take ferry to Nami Island.
How to go to Gapyeong Wharf? You can take a bus, taxi, or walk.

If you want to take a bus, the bus stop is across the Gapyeong Station. I also don't know the number of the bus so i asked every bus which stopped there :P
The bus interval is approx every 30 minutes, so if you want to save time you can go by taxi.

If you go there with other people or want to save time, i recommend you to take taxi because the fare is not expensive.
At the afternoon i took taxi back (Gapyeong Wharf - Gapyeong Station) and i paid KRW2,300 ^^

Some people just walk there.. I think it might take around 15-20 minutes to reach Gapyeong Wharf by walking.
Arrived at the Wharf!
Please purchase your ticket at the wharf ^^
Round trip ferry + Nami island admission fee is KRW10,000.
But i am a foreigner so mine is KRW8,000 !
You can see the price here.

Btw, there are other way for you to reach the island without a ferry.. It is by using a wire - Nami Skyline Zip Wire ! So, you can go to Nami Island using a wire and then later go back to the wharf by ferry.
The price (going to Nami Island using a wire, admission fee, ferry to go back to wharf) is KRW38,000.
Please see more here.

On the ferry going to Nami Island !

Nami Island on the background

Arrived at Nami Island !

Line(s) of trees in Nami Island is probably the most beautiful view to see.
Nami Island has Pine Tree Lane, Ginkgo Tree Lane, Cornel Tree Lane, Metasequoia Lane, White Birch Lane, etc.
(i read these from the map of Nami Island, i myself don't know about tree ! LOL! I only can recognize pine tree and ginkgo tree :P)

Other people were playing with the leaves

I asked my friend to do so too. But my timing of capturing the moment is... er.. you can see there is only a leaf :P

I think this is a spot of Winter Sonata drama setting (i haven't watch the drama so i don't know)

Kids playing leaves !


Gingkgo Tree Lane !

Statue of Bae Yong Joon and the actress of Winter Sonata (?)

This is actually a spot at a toilet there. I just find this interesting because they put books there!
Hmm.. i also like to read book while in toilet when i was in my hometown :P

This is the water tap. I think it is unique.
Last picture of me and my friend ! See you again Nami Island !


  1. great pics ! wah menarik yah di Nami island :D

    re: yes that chain harness is not attached to the shirt :) anyway, rencana sih ada, hopefully next june, tp tergantung libur kampus jg nih. hehehe, next year kamu masih di korea ga ? kalo aku jadi kesana we should meet up then :D

  2. wah.. june di sini lagi mulai masuk summer! sepertinya menyenangkan! (i hate cold weather :P)

    but. unfortunately sepertinya saya sudah pulang indo huhuhu.. soalnya cuma sampai winter aja di sini T_T

    ayo datang ke sini hehe.. lumayan menarik sih di Korea ^^

  3. i like nami island , it's wonderful and romantic ^^ <3 love frm Malaysia ..hehe

  4. Hi, Sandy.
    Thank you for dropping by.

    I think Nami island is very beautiful as well.
    So, you have been to Korea as well? Would love to read your stories about Korea ^^