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my favourite & least favourite Korean dishes

Living in Korea for 3 months now and i have tried some of the popular Korean dishes (i think).

So, today i will note down Korean foods that i really like and i really don't like which i have tried until now ^^
All in random order. There are some foods which i already tried before back in my country.


Because i really like soup, so most of the dishes i like are soup :D

~ Sundubu Jjigae 순두부 찌개
I have tried Sundubu Jjigae back in my country before several times and i really really like it. I have tried it several times too in Korea and always like it ^^
I am not a big fan of tofu (except soya milk and soy bean custard) and usually i don't really like tofu in soup.. But for sundubu jjigae, oh i love it so much!
I love the combination the taste of egg, clams, everything ... :D

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~ Dakdoritang 닭도리탕
I ate this quite much back in my country because 오빠의 엄머니 cook this dish for our lunch sometimes ! I like it so much and so happy to see it when i opened the lunchbox :D And there is a time when 오빠의 아버지 cook this too! wow so delicious as well ! hahaha... i feel like oh why i cannot cook? LOL.
Sometimes my hasukjib's ajumma cook this too and i am so happy when i see it!
I like it because i like potato very much. And this dish has potatoes! And chicken are delicious too ^^
I think it is a bit like "gulai ayam", just the soup is not coconut curry.

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~ Gamjatang 감자탕
Gamja means potato. So you knew why i like this dish ! :P
This dish contains pork.
I had this dish for the 1st time in a Korean restaurant at Lippo Karawaci (Taman Sari area i think). I was so happy to see potatoes and the vegetables (or leaves? i don't know the name because i can't cook!! :P). When the waitress put a lot of vegetables (or leaves?) inside the pot i was so happy!! because i like that vegetables or leaves whatever it is.

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~ Budae Jjigae 부대찌개
This dish is called as "army base stew". Why? Read it at wikipedia okay.
This food contains pork.
I like it because i like sausages, spam, ramen, etc. hehe.

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~ Kimchi Jjigae 김치찌개
You can cook this dish with or without pork. This dish usually contains pork.
I really like Kimchi Jjigae when it is cooked using quite old kimchi.
The most delicious kimchi jjigae which i have tried until now is the kimchi jjigae which my hasukjib's ajumma and 오빠의 할머니 cook one. Because they use like 1 year old kimchi to cook it. So delicious!
The taste is like.... sour? (omg i even cannot differentiate taste well) and sometimes when i eat it, it reminds me a bit of "sayur asin". But i like kimchi jjigae better :D

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hahaha.. okay okay...
*actually the dishes are not that spicy if you are used to eat spicy foods before. I believe my Dad will say that all of those dishes are not spicy at all because he is like chilli addicted*

~ Samgyetang 삼계탕
This dish is so delicious and really makes you realized that you are eating a healthy food..
Actually the taste of the soup is like... no taste, only very good smell of  the ingredients (chicken, ginseng, etc.)
Some people like the taste like it is, but some people like to dip the chicken meat into salt and pepper. I am one of the people who like to dip it into salt and pepper! :D
*actually i have ever tried cook this dish before for oppa but i put too much rice so it become like porridge. and more, it's over cooked. super failed. haha*

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~ Gamja Jeon 감자전
Yeah, potato! It is potato pancake.
The first time i tried it at a Korean restaurant at Ciater area. So delicious i like gamja jeon so much!

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and and of course i like this one, the dish which many people like as well:
~ Samgyeopsal 삼겹살
It is pork. It is "samcan".
I like to eat it together with Perilla leaves 깻잎 and with garlic of course! so delicious!

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~ Curry Rice 카레
Delicious and smells good! Contains potato as well! :D
I can cook this dish quite well! hahaha! using curry powder ^^

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There are some more foods which i like but i don't know the name.
I ate a chicken at a restaurant in Juwangsan area, so delicious but i don't know the name..
And i also like cooked pork meat and eat it with salted shrimp 새우젓 & Perilla leaves 깻잎.

Hmm.. That's all my favourite Korean foods which i can think about right now.

Now... least favourite or...


I don't like some Korean-Chinese dishes because it's different from what i used to eat or different from the "real" Chinese dishes therefore my tongue cannot accept it well.
And also because i don't really like sweet taste foods so i don't like some dishes because of the sweet taste.

~ Jjajangmyeon 짜장면 and other dishes with the same sauce
I am soooo scared of this dish because of the sauce... So i think i am scared of the sauce.
The taste of the sauce is sweet...

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Jjajangbab 짜장밥, this one is rice with the sauce.
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~ Tangsuyuk 탕수육
Might contains pork if they use pork.
This one i don't like it because the sauce is sweet too.
I have ever eat Chinese food which looks similar like this (i don't know the name because usually i only eat and eat) but i have never eaten with the sauce which is very sweet like Tangsuyuk.. so yeah i am scared of the sauce.
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Ok that's all which i can think about now.
Of course there are some dishes which i don't really like such as Jjamppong 짬뽕 and else. But they are not so scary like i am scared of Jjajang sauce so i don't include them in my dislike list. hehe.

So, what is your most and least favourite Korean dishes?

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