Sunday, 6 November 2011

my 24th (25th) birthday

What did i do on my birthday this year?

I helped hasukjib's ajumma making kimchi.. which made me feel trauma to kimchi for quite a night. LOL!
I said to myself that i won't eat kimchi for a month. But hey i am in Korea and here i am today i ate kimchi jjigae already :P (though i am still avoiding kimchi as banchan.. haha)

Making kimchi is tiring... not tiring like really tired.. it's just your eyes keep seeing the red sauce.... red red red red... and the smell is same for those hours when you were making kimchi.. and because there are many garlic and onion to make the sauce, so somehow your eyes can feel the spicy sauce too... >.<


and then at night i have a birthday party with hasukjib's ajumma and ajossi. hihi.

Happy birthday to me (24th) - universal
and 25th for the Chinese one -> i am kinda not admitting this one because makes me older 1 year :P

Cake bought by oppa

Ajossi was opening wine which is bought by oppa

Ajumma was tired of making kimchi :D


  1. woahhhh saeng-il chukkae hamnida !!
    i always been wanting to make Kimchi ! anyway where are u from ?

    thanks for dropping by my blog :D
    The Endless Wishlist

  2. gamsahamnida ^^

    i am from Indonesia - same as you :)