Monday, 28 November 2011

i miss sambal

I am at holiday.. So, i became lazy T_T
Actually i don't want to become lazy. It's just i don't know why everytime when it's holiday, my body don't want to sleep early.. so like what i did at my university time, i slept min at 2 AM (sometimes even 4 AM).. and wake up at.... er.. before noon. Not before noon actually... i wake up to have breakfast and then i go to sleep again.. hahaha...

Therefore, i don't have many stories to share.
But this blog needs to be updated, so i will just rambling about other stuff.

So yeah, i miss sambal.
*additional: i also miss other spices*

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Why? Korean food is spicy, right? Why you still miss sambal ?

Yeah, Korean food is spicy.. but somehow i feel like the spicy is so like almost same for most dishes... Taste of gochujang 고추장 or gochugaru 고추가루 of course.

Gochujang 고추장
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gochugaru 고추가루
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It's not like the dishes are not delicious.. The dishes are delicious...
Just... just... it is not spicy enough.
As a person who came from Indonesia, i can say that Korean food is not that spicy...

And even though some dishes are spicy enough like tteokbokki 떡볶이 but the spicy is different from the spicy which i like.
*of course lah, i ate sambal like around 20 years of course my tounge prefer sambal taste more*

So i miss sambal, many types of sambal. From sambal belacan to manufactured sambal.

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So, there's a time when my friends and I miss KFC and we went to a KFC store near our area...

HUA !!! No Sambal !!! Even we got no sauce T_______T
They don't have that sauce dispenser like what we have in Indonesia...
(should buy the set menu which got sauce, but... trust me the sauce is not close to sambal taste for sure. How do i know? My friends and I ordered roast chicken at a store near our place one time and we got 2 sauces, 1 sauce is sweet, another one is i forgot.. maybe sour)

So... i ate KFC without any sauce, i feel like i am eating satay without any sauce... huhuhu...

And.. my friends who are from Thai also miss their Thai sauces for sure.
Luckily my friend's friend came from Thai and my friend asked her to bring a Thai sauce (for shabu-shabu).
So.... we ate shabu-shabu ala Thai !

We cooked the meal at my friend's dorm. Er.. not we actually. Because i am a girl who cannot cook, hahahhahha... so i didn't cook of course ! What i did was like looking only like a princess ready to be served. LOL!!! But i washed plates lah at least ... hahaha.. that's the only thing i can help hahahha!

The black sauce is from Thai ! Homemade !

The chef :D
So.. that meal is like... very good.. Because the sauce is one of the closest thing from everything i ever had in Korea to the spicyness sambal had.
Though it is not similar to sambal, but at least it's not the spicyness of gochujang or gochugaru.

Even a Chinese friend who also came to enjoy this meal (fyi, she doesn't like Korean food) said it is the most delicious food she has ever had in Korea.

So... that's all about food this time! hehe..

Additional information (about weather):
The weather has starting to be cold from last week T_T
I even bought ear warmer already..

and i stand on the middle of the park while waiting for my friend just to get sunshine and i love sunshine..
(i used to hate sunshine when i was in Indonesia because so hot and makes skin dark)

and also bought a small heater..

But but i am so happy because yesterday and today is not cold at all ! HAHAHA..
the weather is like 16 degree ! lalala~
Maybe tomorrow also will be warm.. woohoo happy...

*i realized that my body already adapting itself to colder weather. Back in Indonesia, i used to set my air conditioner to 25 degree, you must think that i am crazy. And i used to sleep without air conditioner at night.*
But now, 16 degree for me is not cold! hahaha...

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