Friday, 11 November 2011

i am so in love in this

After i watched X Japan's live concert, i feel like i am finding myself again in music.
It's been quite a long time i didn't really listen to music because i don't enjoy the music as much as I do some years ago. I don't really know about the music nowadays except the very popular one where people keep playing in, etc. So i can say that i don't listen to music anymore... but that is before i watched X Japan's concert! :D

As some of you might already know, I really like the music around 90s - early 2000s. I like Pop, Rock, Alternative, etc. When i was still very young (primary school age) i really like Pop. After that age - since junior high school age - i found that i like Alternative the most.

ok, enough of the blah.

So, i found myself everyday listening to X Japan's songs in the morning when i was walking to the building where i am studying.. And I also browsed Youtube for more of X Japan..

And then somehow i can't remember, i started to be interested in Sugizo. I started to read about him and i like him even even even more. Then i searched "Luna Sea" at Youtube.

(i knew Lune Sea is a great band, but i didn't really know if i have ever heard their songs or not.
I remember i listened to some of J-Rock songs when Wi-Chan introduced Diru to me, but i cannot remember much anymore as that time i was still 14 years old, internet was not that much available at my hometown, not many people like J-Rock at my hometown so didn't get much information about them, etc.)

I clicked on the PV called "Rosier" and i was like wow... i love the music really really much.
and also enjoy seeing Sugizo !

Then i cannot stop, i clicked another one "Storm" and omg.. i really don't want to stop now.
and of course cannot stop looking at Sugizo.

I clicked on "Gravity" and when i heard the intro, i was really shocked! I knew this song! I knew it! I still can remember the image of myself sitting at the 1st floor of my house, doing math homework while playing a cassette contains J-Rock songs and i sang this song while doing my homework! I still can remember some of the lyrics!

So, here i am... in love again with music.. I feel so alive ^^

I really like Sugizo's movement at this PV "Shine".

And btw, i found some great - really really really great - bass & guitar cover by this guy!

And here's his guitar cover for X Japan - I.V.
Listening to this makes me love this I.V. song even more. I love this song so much because i think the song is really strong and deep. And after i listened to this guitar cover, i can feel the strength more.

All of their musics are just awesome COOL !

I love you, those musics....
I love you all the music players, music composers, etc...
X Japan, Yoshiki, Sugizo, Heath, Pata, Toshi, Hide, Taiji, Luna Sea, that awesome guy, and others......

Thank you so much to give me a chance to watch X Japan's live concert !
It has changed my life! to be more alive !

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