Thursday, 10 November 2011

a day before Pepero Day 빼빼로 데이전에

Pepero Day is kinda a HUGE day in Korea.

People said that every November 11st become Pepero Day because November (month of 11) and day 11st - 11.11 - which looks like Pepero stick.
(Pepero is a snack similar to Pocky, Lucky, etc.)

Er.... though you might think it is little bit silly, but it is a really popular day in Korea..
So basically, people buy Pepero and give it to people they like, love, etc.

Because this year is the year of 2011 when the date combination will be 2011.11.11, so the marketing team of Pepero company (which is Lotte) promoted the day as Millenium Pepero Day 밀레니엄 빼빼로 데이 !

Wahahha... somehow i think it is kinda ... silly.. hahhaha please don't hate me if you think it is not silly :P
But somehow it is kinda fun too.. It is fun when you see many people sell Pepero, chocolate, etc which is similar around you.. The feeling is similar like when it is near Valentine's Day or Christmas Day. Because it is like you can feel love around you! ^^

So here are some pictures which i took around my place :

Saw a person who is buying Pepero

See the "i-phone" Pepero ? :P
or see the "LOVE" Pepero ?

My Pepero .. hahaha.
Green one because i love green colour.. hahaha!!
and the green one has almond too by the way! :D

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