Monday, 14 November 2011

Completed Level 1 !

This is the Fall 2011 Level 1 Class of 나 ~ start from me - clockwise :
Zheng Zi Jia (China) - Li Yuan (China) - Mun Yon (China) - Anujin (Mongol) - Iru (Taiwan) - Hongha (Vietnam) - Patti (USA) - Oyvind (Norway) - Si Wang (China) - Xue Ling (China) - Tugdual (France) - Tanumporn (Thailand)

So, after 10 weeks of studying the 1st level of Korean Language, now we have completed the 1st level !
Last Friday is our last day as a Level 1 student !

With Hongha, a very kind friend who will go back to her country this December.
We were asked to write testimonials for our friends on their cards.

Zhe Jia and Li Yuan

Everyone is busy writing on cards.

Xue Ling, Tutu, and Tanumporn

Patti got gifts from the teachers. I also think she really deserves it.
She is learning Korean Language because her son is married to a Korean woman and the couple now has a son - Theo.
Patti's studying hard every single day.
Even though sometimes she got sick, she still study very hard, give much effort to every role play she did, etc.

After we wrote cards, got our certificate(s) from teachers, we ate pizza!

Li Yuan - Mun Yon - Anujin

Anujin - Iru - Hongha

Si Wang - a very cool girl
And because it was November 11th which is Pepero Day, many students were giving Pepero, candies, chocolates around. I got some too ! LOL!

Si Wang - Xue Ling - me
With one of the teachers - 송 선생님 - the cutest and adorable

My testimonials ! hihi

Certificate of completion ! Completed Level 1!
So now it's holiday already! Will start the Level 2 on December 5th.
I hope the classmates will remain the same ! >.<

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