Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cat Cafe 고양이 다락방 - 건대

Cat Cafe ??? What kind of cafe is it ??
That's what i was thinking when i met oppa's friend and he told me that there is a cafe where we can drink coffee accompanied by cats.. What??? :D

There's a Cat Cafe 고양이 다락방 near Konkuk University 건대.
(i think there are several Cat Cafe in Seoul.. because i think i saw writing 고양이 가페 around Myeongdong area before).

So, we went to the Cat Cafe...
The cafe is quite nice.. We should change our shoes into sandals which they have provided before entering the cafe. And then we should wash our hands with hand sanitizer first.. Then, welcome to the Cat Cafe!
There are many types of cats there! From bossy one, lazy one, even like dead one (because it was sleeping and not moving at all). Cats lover should come here! :D

*Because i am not a fan of cat, i only see the cats but i don't touch them. hehe.. If you are a cats lover, i believe you will have a very good time here*

The price of the coffee is kinda expensive.. I think it is like coffee + entrance fee.. The price of the coffee is around KRW8,000. But it's quite a unique experience! :D

The staffs there will provide you with a big plastic bag where you can keep your belongings (bags, coats, etc) as long as you are in the cafe so your belongings will be free from cats :P

The cats there are free to walk around the cafe, they are free to seat on the seat, table, shelves, etc. :D
But don't need to worry.. though the cats are free, the cafe is really clean.. They have air purifier, toilet for cats, etc. It's cozy there ^^

Here are some pictures :

See a cat back there on the shelves? :D

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