Saturday, 5 November 2011

와! 제 생일이에요.

In the morning, my hasukjib's ajumma already prepared seaweed soup 미역국 for me! :D
Very delicious.. She also bought me a "huat kueh" ( in hokkien ), she told me in Korean it is called 술떡.
너무 감사합니다 ^^

While eating, she said that just now a person called and the person will come here send gifts for me. I asked her if it is true because nobody said that there will be gifts for me.
And when i finished eating my breakfast, the gifts came from my oppa!

very cute cake !

i touched the cake a little bit >.<

a bottle of wine.
So tonight will eat cake and drink wine with my hasukjib's ajumma & ajossi ^^

and then..
beautiful roses !

it came with a card

took the picture using pocket camera

took the picture using laptop's camera
오빠 고마워요. 너무 행복해요.
12일에 만날거예요. 못 기다려요! ^^

사랑해요 ~

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