Monday, 10 October 2011

Yeouido Park 여의도 공원

Yeouido is an island in Seoul.
I went there because i went to watch Seoul International Fireworks 2011 which is located at Yeouido Hangang Park 여의도 한강 공원.

But, Yeouido Park 여의도 공원 is not the same with Yeouido Hangang Park.
I had time to stroll around Yeouido Park for a while. It is said that Yeouido Park has the loveliest cherry blossom view in Seoul. Therefore it is very famous at spring season.
I've never see any real cherry blossom (sakura) until today. haha.

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I really hope that one day i can experience all the seasons in Korea. Time flies really fast... Now i have past 1 month of the autumn season but i haven't do or experience much T_T

Hopefully one day can live in Korea forever? :D
Korea is just so.. beautiful... Feels like life is peaceful especially when you enjoy the nature.
It is traditional + modern + nature. So beautiful.

Btw, here are some pictures i took on my way to Yeouido Park and at Yeouido Park.

The road is wide.. haha.. enjoying crossing the road :P

People are riding bicycle, roller-skating, playing basketball, etc. So fun!

People like to picnic too ^^

They have statue of King Sejong here too.

Beautiful colors

Really like the wide road. hahaha!

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