Monday, 17 October 2011

Went to Lotte World 롯데월드 !

Actually my friend and me didn't intend to go to Lotte World.
We went to Jamsil and attended a cultural event for expat called "Encounter Korea"

The rehearsal
The event is from 11 AM to 8 PM.
We went there at noon.. But there was no performance at that time, only rehearsal.. I think we went there too early.. There're some booths there like face painting, traditional clothes, kimchi making, some foods from other countries, etc.. But we found it not that interesting... We finished see all the booths maybe in less than 10 minutes... The performances started at afternoon, peak performances at evening..

So we were bored.. And then we saw discount 40% coupons for Lotte World on the table with other brochures, etc. So we went to Lotte World !

Lotte at Jamsil station is wow!!
They have Lotte Mart, Lotte Department Store, Lotte Hotel, Lotte World, Ice Rink, Star Avenue (that's what i saw, i don't know if there's more.. i think maybe there is).

Before pictures of Lotte World, i will show you picture of Star Avenue (if you are a K-Pop fan maybe you will like this place). The admission fee is KRW10,000.
We didn't get into the Star Avenue, we only passed the hallway :D

Because i don't know much about K-Pop so i can't tell you anything. hahahha...
But my friend's quite happy when she passed the hallway..

Okay.. then Lotte World !

Normal price for adult is KRW38,000. I got 40% discount coupon so mine is KRW23,000 !
Merry-go-round is our first ride ! :D
One of the Running Man's episodes took place in Lotte World as well ! Episode #9 - if i am not mistaken.

Picture Courtesy

My friend who is from Mongol !
I love my hair in this picture .. hahahhaha!

If you watched that episode of Running Man, i believe you know this spot :

haha yeah ! The something (i forgot what was it. Is it "ticket"?) was hanging on that left statue's hand :D

For memorabilia only mwahaha
Does this place remind you the scene where Yu Jae Seok and someone more (i forgot - i think it's Ji Suk Jin)
got hit by the girl guest using broom? LOL!

a performance
We ride some more rides but we didn't take picture anymore. hahaha..
Was busy going around, look around, queueing, etc.
And of course for sure we didn't ride all the rides, didn't see all the performances, etc. (sounds so typical when you visit a large amusement park, right? haha)

It was raining quite heavy so we can't play at outdoor one.. But we also can't finish riding all the indoor one anyway.. haha.

I strongly recommend you to use the "magic pass" if the queue for a ride is quite long.
We were queueing for a ride (don't know the name) and the queue was long! I think we queued like almost an hour... (we didn't use "magic pass").
When i visited Hongkong Disneyland some years ago with my auntie, my auntie always use "Fast Pass".

That "Magic Pass"("Fast Pass" for HK Disneyland) is a good tool for you who can manage your time well. So you come to a ride which has "Magic Pass" machine (usually the ride is popular one). There will be a time for using the Magic Pass. For example, you come to a ride at 3.30PM. If you take the Magic Pass ticket, you can ride it maybe at 4.30-5.00. So after you take the Magic Pass ticket, you can go around or play other stuff first and come back later.

That's why i strongly recommend you to use Magic Pass. Because if you were queueing, you can't do anything.. Wasting time... ^^
* Why i didn't use the Magic Pass? I was wondering if it's better to queue or take Magic Pass ticket (because i always use Fast Pass back then in HK Disneyland) and my friend didn't say anything too. So we just did the queueing. We queued quite a long time for 1 ride only, so it is okay... *

So, what is my impression about Lotte World?
* I kinda like it! Because the huge indoor space! So can play comfortable and no need to care about the weather.

* But there are some stuff which i want to play but we need to pay extra if we want to play  (eg. Mirror Maze, etc) even though your ticket is already the 1-day passport ticket. The fee for a game is around KRW2,000... So we didn't play.. The fee might seems not much.. But still, if you play several, then just times it.. It seems much now?

* I like Disneyland more maybe because i recognized Disney's movies and characters. So it's more enjoyable to see Mulan, Belle, Donald Duck, etc. because feels like we were in the fairy tale :D
But despite of that, i think Lotte World is more fun (regarding the rides, comfortable at indoor space, etc).

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