Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ssamziegil 쌈지길 at Insa-dong

Part 2 - Ssamziegil 쌈지길

The facade of Ssamziegil

Actually, i don't know about this place and don't know that it is located at Insa-dong.
I have ever seen this place in SNSD + Suju - Seoul Song music video, but never know where is the place and what is the name. Shall i post the link to SNSD + Suju - Seoul Song music video again? :P

My friend and me was just looking around at Insa-dong and suddenly we saw Ssamziegil ! The place is beautiful indeed ^^ Everything is artistic.. every corner is unique.

Ssamziegil is an artistic building where every detail is very unique and everyday it will be different, it will grow different memories everyday. Why? Later you might understand ^^

This building also has a continuous flow.. So, from the ground floor you can just go up by going along the slope. There is stairway at a corner of the building. So you can just go down if you don't want to go upper anymore. But if you want to go up, just go up... And then after reaching the highest floor, you can just go down by the stairway. So there is no crossing with people who is going up ( but you can go back down by the slope too if you want ). After you go down by the stairway, you will enter the basement. And later you will go up at different side. It has the continuous flow, you won't repeat seeing the same stores (except you wanted to ^^)

See the column? The drawing of trees make the column unique

The beginning of the "journey" ^^
My friend's so happy too !
Do you see those 3 screens behind my friend? It is not a regular information service screen...
Choose "Photo - UCG Services" ~


You can take a picture of yourself or take a video of yourself
Write some messages...
Send it to anyone via email ^^
I tried this service several times. I sent to my oppa's email and also my email.. I haven't receive the email yet.. But my oppa received it this afternoon ! ( I went to Ssamziegil and sent the email yesterday afternoon)

This is one of the things about this place grow different memories. The next time when you come here, you might be in different mood or coming here with different person or have other person in your mind whom you are going to send the email to , etc... Different time, different picture or video, different memory ~

Ssamziegil has many unique stores.. From accessories, tea, ceramic, to tarot reading.

A corner of the stairway
Array of beautiful pictures

This is a signboard for a jewellery store.. The signboard is just so beautiful and goes along well with the surrounding

Another corner of stairway

Walking up and down the stairway might be a fun experience instead of being tired ~

Enter the area for cafes

One of the cafe - very very interesting

Another corner of stairway ^^

Giraffes on the roof :D

The building will be different everyday..
Everyday a person or people will add their memories into the building,
pouring their thinking / feeling to the building,
how cannot this building become loveable then? You are one of the parts of the building ~
My friend added her "picture signature" :P

Ssamziegil = Ssamzigil

A nice corner of stairway

Action directed by my friend :P

I took a look for what is the bottom of this stairway... and... it's a place where they put the garbage bins!
So creative people... If there is no "rose plant", people can see the garbage bins clearly and it won't be a nice experience to walk through this stairway. But, by having the "rose plant", people's attention go to it and can have nice experience while looking at murals & other people's writings as well.

The icon for the restroom is cute. The first time i saw it, i was like thinking... what is 818 ?
I look closer and oh.. the 8 symbol has eyes, nose, and mouth. LOL! 

So suitable for this building. It does really full of art flowing everywhere.

Workshop located at the basement

So cute.. 밥 먹어! means "eat !"
but it's written on the plate as "밥 머거!" why? i also don't know.. should ask the artist :P

After going around, we took a rest at the plaza of Ssamziegil..

See the hanging lamp? It has a cage !
So detail ! Even the floor drain looks nice with its colors !

Tarot reading

Saw this unique shaped bread... Actually it taste the same like "taiyaki". But this one has the shape of ....

똥빵 - poop shaped bread - 3 pcs for KRW2,000 - the filling is red bean

Why should i eat poop ? LOL!!

So.. that's my experience at Ssamziegil ^^


  1. great pics ! i really love the cafe entrance, and that photo machine is cool too !

    anyway where are you from :) ?

    The Endless Wishlist