Monday, 10 October 2011

Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil 신사동 가로수길

Didn't planned to come to Sinsa-dong... but somehow, we just passed it and feel that this street is so charming! Lined by ginkgo trees along the street and has various unique shops - cafe, restaurants, clothing store, accessories store, etc.

A few steps at this street already causing us to said "wow", "so cute", "so nice", etc. :D
And we still don't know where are we at that time! haha.. We know we are at Sinsa.. But don't know about this place.. :P

Happily posing - good mood caused by the ambience of Sinsa-dong !

So many coffee shops around.. Every store has unique concept and store design..

My friend's so happy.... and i was taking picture of the hydraulic parking system behind! LOL!
Some stores has hydraulic parking system because parking space is not enough.. Most cars park on the street side..

We decided to sit down for a while... We went to Smoothie King.
That's when i took out my phone and search about Sinsa....

Ah... so it is called Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil 신사동 가로수길 and found out that is is a popular promenade in Seoul because of its nice ambience - beautiful lining ginkgo streets and artistic sensibilities....

View from the 2nd floor of Smoothie King
Had Real Almond Yogurt for KRW5,700

Mixed everything and eat it! Looks weird but tastes so delicious!

My friend is doing her homework and i was taking her picture ... then i see the signboard behind her...
I want this will be a space
where we can share our rememberance
with each other even though we will be grandmothers.

This is the entry to that "Grandmother"place. It is upstairs - don't know what is it.. maybe cafe?

Even the "wall covering" for a construction site is awesome!


  1. woot woot ! what an interesting blog !! how long have u been staying in Korea ? keep posting ! definitely will keep coming back here to read your post about your daily life in Korea ;)

    The Endless Wishlist

  2. Thank you for visiting ^^

    I'm a newbie in this Seoul city.. Has been here for 1 month only... with a very limited language capability, so it's kinda like love-hate relationship :P

    Visited your blog and it is interesting as well ^^