Saturday, 8 October 2011

Seoul International Fireworks 2011

An annual event by Hanwha Fireworks. For this 2011 event, Japan and Portugal team also joined.
Location : Yeouido Hangang Park 여의도 한강 공원 in front of 63 Building.

Hangang view from the Yeouido Hangang Park

Around 6 PM view..

Before the show started
63 Building has seaworld, sky art gallery, wax museum, etc.. But i haven't explore it yet.

63 Building
My position for viewing the fireworks is not that good..
But, i enjoyed the show very much .. The best fireworks i have ever seen in my life, there are so many varieties of the fireworks..

I tried taking pictures several time but picture quality is not good.. So i took videos. But my camera's video quality is not good too.. :P

This below picture shows my most favourite type of fireworks.. It is very beautiful... It goes down like a rain..
I feel like as if i am watching meteor shower (i never watch meteor shower, hahaha!)

Try see this and this for some professional pictures of the fireworks!

The show started at 7.30 PM and ended at around 8.45 PM.
I had fun a lot.. I never watched fireworks for like an hour length of time!

Uploaded a video! I uploaded this one because it has that one which is like "meteor shower"!
It is really really beautiful!
This is only a bit from the show .. I hope you enjoy watching the fireworks as much as i do!

Following is the video uploaded by other person. You can see the "meteor shower" clearly.
You can see how beautiful it is!


  1. The scenery looks really gorgeous and that fireworks are just awesome ! Nice post :)

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by ^^

    I also think that the view is gorgeous. I am in love with Korea :D Living here is like being with nature most of the time :D

    The fireworks are the best fireworks i have ever seen in my life. ^^
    It is an annual event. Wish you will see it too :)