Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My walk to the building where i have my Korean Language Course

My school area is sooo beautiful..
Especially because this is autumn season, so the colour of leaves are so amazingly beautiful.

Everyday i go to school using shuttle bus. The shuttle bus will stop at the school's administration building area.
And then i need to walk to Language Education Institute 언어교육권 (building #137), there are some ways to reach there.. But i like this way the most because i can see beautiful views.

Let's walk with me !
All the photos were taken on October 24th 2011.

Shuttle buses stop here as well as another buses.

The leaves look so unique, right? Like flakes!

And then i will cross this road and there's the Language Education Institute building (didn't take the picture, forgot. hahaha)


  1. another great post from you ! yeay ! love all the pics especially those leaves ! i wish i could learn Korean there, you are so lucky !

    have a great weekend dear ;)

    re: yes you are right ! that shirt actually has two colours on it, half white and half black :P
    The Endless Wishlist

  2. yes... Korea is a beautiful country ^^ i am happy to be here too~~